TAPAS #1:Dear Deeper Mind

05:08:45 From Dupinder Kaur : St Germain and his violet flames

05:09:05 From Srividya Viswanathan : nature as a mother, as a balm

05:09:20 From Chitra & Shriram : Mahavatar Babaji

05:09:31 From Shubhra Pareek : Sai Baba

05:10:15 From Mousumi saha : I am invoke Mother Kwanyin for compassion and Love

05:10:57 From Anu Mathur : the Buddha, his wisdom and compassion

05:11:17 From Padmajaa Iyer : I Invite Shakti.. the energy that permeates everything

05:11:20 From seema sondhi : sadhguru,,trust and a sense of belonging

05:14:09 From Gokul (Venkatraman Subramaniam) : Grand Overall Design

05:15:01 From Magdalena Baciu : Shiva and also all parts to ourself and our higher selves and all our hearts

05:15:36 From Pinky Raniwala : the energy presence of laughing buddha ,his joy his innocence laughter and his attitude of rule no6…..keeping the burden now.

05:22:14 From Chomil Kamal : Hi Nithya & everyone, the highest in me bow to the highest in each one of you. Sorry my video doesn't seem to be working. Will get if fixed soonest I can

05:22:39 From Nithya Shanti : No worries Chomil

05:27:53 From Puneet Sinha : can we split that hour into two times during the day?

05:30:07 From Mousumi saha : Meditate - 25 ; SILENCE - 10 ; READ /LISTEN ( AUDIBLE) - 22 , SMILE LIKE SUN - 3 MINS

05:34:12 From sanjeev sethi : I am so greatful that I am absolutely "free" from my mind - no emotional fear, no emotional conflicts, no cravings, no aversions, no judgements. I am complete in all senses. Ready to reflect joy to people around me.

05:35:08 From Vidya : I am so grateful that I feel so light, so alive. and am able to trust the journey.

05:35:12 From Rupal Shankar : I want to grow and deepen my practice to connect to my higher self. I want to connect more deeply to my higher self and my inner wisdom.

05:35:35 From Lucia Suarez : I am

05:36:03 From Lucia Suarez : the best version of myself guided by kindness curiosity and courage

05:36:09 From Preethi Balan : I am so grateful that I have completely let go and surrendered. 

05:36:37 From Lucia Suarez : i nurture a loving home

05:36:46 From Lucia Suarez : for my family and I’m of service to others

05:36:48 From Anu Mathur : I am living my life fully, and emptying myself fully

05:37:35 From Padmajaa Iyer : I want to experience being fully present at all times and allow the Grand Overall Design to express through me effortlessly what ever is to be expressed

05:37:58 From seema sondhi : I'm so grateful now that I'm living the truth of my beingness soaking deep in the beautitude of selfless love, compassion and equanimity for my own well being and for the well being of others.

05:38:24 From Lucia Suarez : :))))

05:38:30 From shreya sharma : I am so grateful now that I experience strong guidance and communion with my true self all the time. I am so grateful now that I experience infinite possibilities and beautiful manifestations in my life. I am so grateful that I am a channel of blessings for everyone around me. I am so grateful that I own the space and my inner being sets the tone around me.

05:38:41 From Akshit Hanslas : My intention is to do intense tapasya towards becoming more present and being conscious in everything I do. I choose to become more observant and a kind hearted entity who only radiates love and compassion to all.

06:54:10 From Puneet Sinha : very deep and intense releasing... I trust completely that everything that came up and even what dint will be fully released ...

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