Bonus Session #3: TAT and EFT - Clearing Session

00:32:52 Shriram Krishnamachari: How wonderful

00:34:00 Lakshmi Ramnath: beautiful morning to all of you

00:51:36 Siddhant Rishi Prabhakar: What to expect after TAT?

00:51:37 Partha Chennai: felt so much clearing

00:52:01 Lakshmi Ramnath: love you nithya. beautiful experience

00:52:12 indu Agrawal khatri: Nithya - this was as if you were doing session only for me...

00:52:19 Reshma Apte: Do we need to declare what is to be cleared?

00:52:25 Komal Karnani: i felt sensation in my left eye, is that normal?

00:52:29 Rajiv Gulati: I feel like.... I am That...

00:52:31 Manisha Kalra: Tears and Thankfulness TAT💖

00:52:54 Deepali Sanghavi: I was smiling inwardly throughout

00:52:56 Ami Desai: Can we do it everyday

00:52:59 shilpa: Thank u so much 🙏🏼

00:53:00 indu Agrawal khatri: Fingers can be changed right?

00:53:05 Radha Mumbai: Nithya, behind the ears, where exactly did you place the fingers? Like, with the headphones I realised I was struggling 

00:53:09 Vinod Jain: IN the process, I went through my entire life experience. Remembered some limiting thoughts of my grand father, my father and so many. Feeling 35 years younger thoughts of confidence and powerfulness,

00:53:14 ritu agarwal: I am feeling sleepy

00:53:17 Komal Karnani: i felt sensation in my left eye, is that normal?

00:53:18 Renuka Taneja: Felt sensation all over even when I removed the hands

00:53:46 Jyot S: i am smiling from within

00:54:03 Lakshmi Ramnath: was like RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS IN MOBILE

00:54:18 shilpa: I feel like sleeping

00:56:25 Bhuvnesh Jangid: they say the first step way to solve any problem is acknowledging there is one :)

00:56:34 Lakshmi Ramnath: can any 1 who has recorded the beautiful TAT send it Telegram group please

00:57:09 Rajiv Gulati: just like you started with tat may not work....

00:57:34 Shilpa Deshmukh: very liberating

00:58:06 Lakshmi Ramnath: i hv this huuge fear for lizards. i seem to find them all over the place. terrorized actually


00:58:36 Nitin Gupta: lakshmi, funny I have the same fear. I changed houses at times bcoz of this

01:02:10 Rajiv Gulati: which emotion caused the disease....


01:03:19 Nitin Gupta: You can heal your life

01:03:26 ritu agarwal: I have read it

01:04:04 Smitha PV: Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay

01:04:39 Rajesh Soman: Can you please mention the acronym meaning for C

01:04:53 Radha Mumbai: Clearing 

01:05:04 ritu agarwal: What is PPP

01:05:20 Rajesh Soman: Thank you


01:06:21 Reshma Apte: How does one know that a problem has been cleared in EFT when its an emotional problem?

01:06:46 Atima Joshi: Just writing that list is powerful!

01:06:50 Reshma Apte: I can’t put a number to my level of pain initial state so how I do measure its gone

01:08:51 Sanjita Naik: I will also recommend that book " YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE ".

01:10:07 Nitin Gupta: Yes

01:16:49 Anupama Chib: I need to leave now . I look forward to the recording . feeling extremely grateful for today's magical and powerful session. I hv a feeling that this would be the last straw for all my past limiting beliefs and hurtful stories of childhood till now . they are thinking ,we better vamoos now. Eternally 🙏grateful

01:17:18 Vishal Thapliyal: Which book is this?


01:17:55 Smitha PV: CAROL

01:18:06 Reshma Pritam Singh: Carol Look

01:19:53 Lakshmi Ramnath: yes plz

01:19:54 Nitin Gupta: yes sure

01:19:56 Nitin Gupta: Yes

01:20:20 Rohan Singal: yawn: feels as if something has left me.

01:20:22 Rohan Singal: some energy

01:20:49 Shruti Sanganeria: It’s a physical release.

01:20:58 Shruti Sanganeria: Emery starts moving

01:21:10 Rhituparna Mitra: Nervous system gets freed up

01:21:32 Reshma Apte: tears

01:21:33 Jyot S: limiting belief leave u

01:21:40 Lakshmi Ramnath: ha ha haaaaaa

01:22:09 Nitin Gupta: Amazing session Nithya..sorry I have to leave.

01:22:30 Ashish Kumar: This one is for ME

01:22:39 Rohan Singal: me2

01:22:46 Aakanksha Thakur: me3

01:23:02 Nidhi Chawla: me4 

01:23:52 Nivey: Awesome ..Me Infinity .

01:24:08 Geet Taneja: There is also guilt around having fun many times

01:24:42 Karimaddela Keerthinmayee: name and author of the book please from which Nithya is reading right now

01:24:51 Lakshmi Ramnath: wow Fun Flavour

01:24:53 Smitha PV: Attract Abundance Now: with EFT and the Law of Attraction Volume 1

by Carol Look

01:31:22 Rajiv Gulati: just BEING is fun....

01:31:25 Vishal Thapliyal: THAAATTTT WAS FUNNNNNN

01:31:30 Lakshmi Ramnath: a big doubt. why do we cal JOKER FUNNY

01:31:41 Meeta Bagwe: So much funnnnnnnnn

01:31:49 Reshma Apte: How wonderful!

01:31:50 Rajesh Soman: I felt the same too @Ashish

01:32:06 Rajiv Gulati: we take life too seriously..... 🤣😂🤣

01:32:08 Nidhi Chawla: loved it. totally echo Ashish's fellings

01:32:38 Manisha Kalra: Amazing fun… so grateful to you Nithya💗 

Deeply Grateful🙏

01:32:45 Nitin Gupta: Awosome

01:32:54 Lakshmi Ramnath: Love SATURDAY. 😍😍

01:32:56 Seema Vij: Loved it ! Fun tapping is soooo Fun!!!

01:33:00 Deepa Chandrasekaran: echo what Ashish just said - my life has become too serious - time to make fun the priority of life!

01:33:24 Nivey: Wonderful ! Join the Fun Club Ashish ..Fun tapping is so so Fun

01:33:26 Varsha N: Very true and heart touching experience

01:33:35 Shweta Agarwal: Thank You so much Nithya Ji from the core of my heart for everything... for all your efforts, for all the intentions, for your love.

01:33:58 Rajesh Soman: Thank you Roshni

01:34:12 Renuka Taneja: Let her enjoy and be dear ,she is amazing

01:34:37 Manisha Kalra: Beyond Ananda…. For all of us🤩

01:34:53 Deepa Chandrasekaran: I came to this session with a lot of heaviness, Nithya's radiant face and smile has put me on ease and I am going to add fun to my serious parts of life!

01:35:20 Savita Pattar: loved..fundamental

01:35:50 Rajiv Gulati: fun wise...

01:36:17 Rhituparna Mitra: Now we know the reason for the name of your company: Funwise Consulting

01:36:59 Lakshmi Ramnath: feeling Funtastic. thank you.

01:37:55 Lakshmi Ramnath: superb.

01:38:31 Lakshmi Ramnath: and m wondering why is Nitin Gupta scared of lizards like me. lol

01:38:49 Seema Vij: Exponential fun from Nithya :-)

01:39:01 Nitin Gupta: It seems a lot of ME are attending this session ;-)

01:39:10 Ashish Kumar: :)

01:39:25 Lakshmi Ramnath: listening to beautiful music is fun

01:39:27 Roshni Hinduja: lol true that Nitin

01:39:49 Karimaddela Keerthinmayee: exactly 100 participants

01:39:50 Nitin Gupta: yes

01:39:55 Nitin Gupta: yes

01:39:56 Karimaddela Keerthinmayee: having fun



01:40:00 Karimaddela Keerthinmayee: with you

01:40:03 Sajal Bajaj: FUN

01:40:04 Chinar Bopshetty: Smiling

01:40:04 Rajiv Bharadwaj: Fu

01:40:05 Meeta Bagwe: Funnnnnn

01:40:06 shilpa: You

01:40:06 Geet Taneja: fun husband

01:40:06 santhosh kumar: my house

01:40:07 Rajiv Bharadwaj: Fun

01:40:08 Deepali Sanghavi: Being born as me

01:40:09 Arvind S: Grateful for everything

01:40:09 Shriram Krishnamachari: Parents and Teachers

01:40:10 Ashish Kumar: Fun tapping

01:40:10 Raj Kapoor: Breath

01:40:10 Muskaan Chowdhry: Coffee

01:40:11 Roshni Hinduja: Fun Morning!!!

01:40:11 Meeta Ghuwalewala: Being alive

01:40:11 Atima Joshi: For having fun in my work!

01:40:12 Deepa Chandrasekaran: ongoing sessions with you !

01:40:12 Parvesh Kumar: cycling

01:40:13 Rohan Singal: Nithya's suggestion on boardgames

01:40:13 Lakshmi Ramnath: grateful for meeting you

01:40:13 Renuka Taneja: Today’s session

01:40:14 Reshma Apte: Grateful for this wonderful session

01:40:14 Rhituparna Mitra: for my funloving daughter

01:40:14 Nidhi Chawla: life

01:40:14 Aakanksha Thakur: for thissession

01:40:15 Komal Karnani: fun life

01:40:15 Partha Chennai: grateful for the family

01:40:15 VIkashh Guptta: For this class

01:40:17 Rajiv Gulati: for being......

01:40:17 Vasanth: rains!

01:40:17 Mridula Nair: you in my life

01:40:17 Prashansa Daga: For fun life ! N humour

01:40:17 deepali goyal: eft

01:40:19 PREETI BHARDWAJ: My cute self

01:40:19 Vinod Jain: Getting my fun back

01:40:19 Udit Aggarwal: For attending this session

01:40:19 Nitin Gupta: for u coming in my life

01:40:20 Nitin Gupta: Greatful for this Awosome session

01:40:20 Vivek Mohile: unraveling fun

01:40:21 Dimple Gupta: For funn

01:40:21 Shruti Sanganeria: All the fun in my life

01:40:22 shaailesh: For eyes to see you

01:40:23 Seema Vij: For this fun group

01:40:24 Smitha PV: FOR BEING WITH YOU

01:40:24 sanjeev sethi: For this session

01:40:25 Sandeep Tulshyan: Grateful for your wonderful session Nithya! Arigato!

01:40:25 VIkashh Guptta: For my wife caring for me

01:40:26 Sanjita Naik: Grateful for this portal

01:40:28 Jyot S: intro to nithya shanti

01:40:29 Nitin Gupta: realisation of life is so much of fun and acceptance

01:40:29 Rajesh Soman: I feel grateful for being here, having everyone around me, love, abundance, 

01:40:30 Akshit Hanslas: Fun in life and with life

01:40:31 Nitin Gupta: this wonderful session today

01:40:31 Namrata Rao: For the sparrows who live in my window

01:40:32 Sanjeev: Sessions with Nithya

01:40:32 Richa Bhardwaj: for fun session today

01:40:32 Sumithra Sharatkumar: For YOUR sessions

01:40:34 Lakshmi Ramnath: funday saturday

01:40:34 Raie Dey: for unasked questions answered

01:40:35 Ami Desai: Grateful for today's session

01:40:35 Shweta Agarwal: for your love

01:40:36 Savita Pattar: for life

01:40:36 Vivek Mohile: fun wife

01:40:37 Chinar Bopshetty: grateful for this exact moment

01:40:38 visionary commando Yash: grateful for humour element in our life

01:40:39 Deepa Chandrasekaran: for the smile on my face!

01:40:41 ritu agarwal: For fun morning and fun filled life

01:40:41 Pinky Rita Poornalokiya: for universe getting me here today

01:40:42 Vijay Shinde: Reminding day 1 for Fun as a priority rest of my life

01:40:42 Shilpa Deshmukh: all of you and your smiling faces

01:40:43 Roshni Hinduja: grateful for a fun father and fun husband and fun daughter and fun sister! and me becoming a Fundamentalist

01:40:44 Rohan Singal: Fun Da and fun Di

01:40:45 Karimaddela Keerthinmayee: for teaching tat

01:40:45 Nitin Gupta: GREATFUL for your teachings which has transformed my way of Living Lifee fully

01:40:45 Nitin Gupta: Being here

01:40:45 Nitin Gupta: G8ful for everything

01:40:47 Nivey: FUN fun Fun and More Joyous Session... Grateful to laugh and feel Great !

01:40:49 Rajesh Soman: Being enlightened everyday and feeling connected with the universe

01:40:50 Anisha Parveen: Grateful for the my kids !! Always having fun

01:40:50 Drishti (Shivani) Gala: for experience fun is ok no matter what's going

01:40:56 Sanjita Naik: Grateful to join this portal

01:41:00 Drishti (Shivani) Gala: thank you for you

01:41:02 Gangarajam Nakka: great teachersin my life

01:41:04 Manisha Kalra: Grateful for all the fun and abundance teachings and our fun guide🤩

01:41:05 Pinky Rita Poornalokiya: the unboxed definition of fun

01:41:10 Nitin Gupta: greatful for all your sharing and learning

01:41:14 shilpa: Rang de Basanti

01:41:17 Anvita Arora: grateful I could get up at 4:30 in the morning!

01:41:26 Drishti (Shivani) Gala: Bhagat singh

01:41:29 Dhara Gawade: rang de basanti

01:41:33 Geet Taneja: Rang de basanti

01:41:52 Nitin Gupta: today morning

01:42:00 Prashant Sahai: Grateful for my family and the values that I have been taught

01:42:10 rashmi jain: grateful for wonderful session

01:42:28 Nitin Gupta: hahahaha

01:42:32 Seema Vij: LOVE THAT THOUGHT….hahahaha

01:42:36 Manisha Kalra: 😅😅

01:42:45 Rajiv Gulati: I would even love that...

01:42:54 Roshni Hinduja: Hello The Real Nitin Gupta!

01:43:10 Nitin Gupta: Hahaha.. Hello Roshni!!

01:44:26 Seema Vij: Blessed soul

01:46:45 Drishti (Shivani) Gala: Thank you for sharing about Sudhakar Sir. he once came to one of the places I worked for a motivational session and turned it into beautiful combo of spirit and motivation. he mentioned about this incident of missing passport and how he had it with ease in less than a day i think? i remember he also shared about osho.. had impact on me for sure

01:46:55 Shruti Sanganeria: Lol


01:48:13 Anvita Arora: it is true for most healers. they take it on

01:48:41 Raj Kapoor: Its Bruno Groning documentary

01:48:47 Raj Kapoor: @smitha

01:48:48 Meeta Ghuwalewala: Can it also be karma from past life

01:49:55 Nivey: powerful..


01:51:22 VIkashh Guptta: sorry I was unmute

01:54:49 Nitin Gupta: Wow.. I had goosebumps

01:54:55 Lakshmi Ramnath: thankbyou Vikashh

01:54:58 Sanjita Naik: Tears cames while imagining this

01:55:18 Nivey: Wow! felt so real ..overjoyed

01:55:38 Meeta Ghuwalewala: There was a tingling in my body and I was a gymnast

01:56:30 Shriram Krishnamachari: Thanks Nithya for a Wonderful course

01:56:42 Ashish Kumar: Thanks so much Nithya!! Much Gratitude!!

01:56:47 Chinar Bopshetty: Thanks everyone! Thanks Nithya

01:56:48 Gangarajam Nakka: Arigato

01:56:48 Lakshmi Ramnath: shilpa. thank youuuu

01:56:49 Nitin Gupta: Sure

01:56:57 Nitin Gupta: Thanks everyone

01:56:58 Deepa Chandrasekaran: thank you !

01:57:00 rashmi jain: thank you

01:57:04 Chinar Bopshetty: Bye all

01:57:11 Akshit Hanslas: Thank you..

01:57:13 Sumithra Sharatkumar: thank you nithya

01:57:16 Seema Vij: Arigato Nithya and all!!! Love n light to all

01:59:00 Seema Vij: Yes True…Fomo syndrome

02:02:54 Vishal Thapliyal: I love our Saturday sessions being practice :))

02:03:25 Rajesh Soman: Practicing I so believe in

02:07:07 Lakshmi Ramnath: lovely

02:09:24 Gangarajam Nakka: Arigato

02:09:55 Rajesh Soman: Thank you all, Thank you Nithya for being so wonderful. 

02:10:16 Lakshmi Ramnath: lovely. thank you yash

02:11:01 Komal Kanal: thank you

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