#6: Resting In Vyom

07:31:39 From Sejal Sa : Good morning

07:31:40 From Lakshmi Ramnath : goooood morning dear Nithya

07:32:34 From Seema Mehta : gratitude, the wonder-filled attitude :-)

07:36:14 From Nidhi Chawla : How wonderful!

07:36:23 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : how wonderful!

07:41:25 From Seema Mehta : Jaihind College Motto is 'I will and I can'

07:42:41 From Sweta Kanudia : Pls share the author of “Ask and it is given “

07:42:53 From Anisha parveen Mohamed Sheriff : Abraham hicks

07:42:56 From Sheila Mathilakath : Abraham Hicks

07:42:57 From Nidhi Chawla : Esther Hicks

07:43:11 From Sweta Kanudia : Thanks

07:46:36 From Seema Mehta : Egregores

07:47:34 From Smitha PV : Behind every problem there is Possibility. Behind every Possibility there is Joy. Behind the Joy is the Present Moment, Behind the Present Moment is My True Nature, And What I Focus on Expands.

07:47:54 From Richa Bhardwaj : Thanks Smitha

07:48:02 From Vinod Jain : present moment

07:48:09 From Vinod Jain : my true nature

07:48:18 From Shriram Krishnamachari : Arigato smitha

07:48:31 From Michelle Pereira : I was just thinking someone types this. Thanks Smitha :-)

07:48:43 From Bhagyalaxmi Velugu : thank you Smitha

07:49:18 From Kavita R : Think and Grow Rich e book is available for free on Kindle if anyone wants it

07:52:43 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : Amazing really. Maybe then, we, in this community can collectively wish for the corona pandemic to end...

07:53:25 From Nidhi Chawla : so beautiful and wonderful!

07:54:39 From Meeta & Manav : The world is fresh and healed

07:54:39 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : what are the 4 thinking types - disastrous, positive, …. and miraculous?

07:54:49 From Sheila Mathilakath : negative

07:54:52 From Nitin Gupta : negative

07:54:53 From Rohan : negative

07:54:57 From Bhargavi Swadia : Disastarous, Negative, Positive and Miraculaous

07:54:59 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : Arigato everyone

07:56:43 From Seema Mehta : Windfalls are attracted to each and every one of us from anywhere and everywhere everyday.

07:57:45 From Seema Mehta : Uni-verse and Multi-verse :-)

08:01:29 From Lakshmi Ramnath : nithya please can you once again say what is VYOM. PLEASE

08:03:23 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : health, wealth and relationships

08:03:24 From Sheila Mathilakath : relationships

08:03:24 From Nitin Gupta : Knowledge

08:03:24 From srikant chari : money

08:03:26 From Rajiv Bharadwaj : Health, Relationship

08:03:26 From Kavita R : Abundance

08:03:26 From Sheila Mathilakath : wealth

08:03:27 From Tricia Bolender : money

08:03:27 From Nitin Gupta : Money

08:03:27 From Rohan Singal : health, wealth love

08:03:29 From Madhurima Divakarla : gratitude

08:03:29 From Tricia Bolender : health

08:03:29 From Sheila Mathilakath : health

08:03:29 From Bhargavi Swadia : Health wealth Relationships

08:03:30 From Dupinder Kaur : health, money, relationships

08:03:30 From Raj Singh : Money, health,

08:03:30 From Abhishek Gupta : Money, health

08:03:31 From Tricia Bolender : relationship

08:03:31 From Shilpaa Chogle : Health Relationship Money

08:03:31 From Sanjita Naik : money

08:03:31 From Richa Bhardwaj : health, wealth, relation ship

08:03:31 From Meeta Bagwe : Relationships

08:03:32 From Sandeep kalaskar : Money

08:03:33 From Preethi Balan : Relationship

08:03:33 From Shefali Chhachhi : health wealth relationships

08:03:34 From Abhishek Gupta : relationships

08:03:34 From Sandeep Tulshyan : Health, wealth, Relationships

08:03:36 From Raj Singh : relationship

08:03:36 From Vishal Thapliyal : Love

08:03:36 From Lakshmi Ramnath : most successful men

08:03:38 From Sanjita Naik : health

08:03:38 From Charu Chhatwal : abundance happiness

08:03:38 From Seema Mehta : Health Wealth and Relationships

08:03:38 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : money, health, relationships

08:03:39 From Chinar Bopshetty : health, wealth, relationships/peace

08:03:39 From K K : Wealth

08:03:39 From Michelle Pereira : peace, money and health

08:03:40 From Radhika Mansata : Health money relationships

08:03:41 From Chandrakala Mamidala : success, happiness, peace

08:03:41 From Visionary commandoYash : money relationships health

08:03:41 From Smitha PV : Get RiCh and Successful

08:03:41 From Ashish Kumar : Health, Wealth, Relationships

08:03:42 From Sandeep kalaskar : Miracle

08:03:42 From Rhituparna Mitra : How to be successful

08:03:43 From shaailesh shah : money wealth successs

08:03:46 From K K : Relationship

08:03:47 From Sanjeev : Health,finance,Happiness

08:03:48 From Rajiv Gulati : health money and relationships

08:03:49 From Pallav Shishodia : inner engineering

08:03:49 From Puneet Sinha : Health, wealth l, love

08:03:49 From Rahul Kumar : money,health n relationship

08:03:50 From Abhishek Gupta : get high exam scores :D

08:03:53 From Tricia Bolender : omg spent sooooooooooo much

08:03:59 From Rajesh Katram : Peace Love Joy

08:04:04 From K K : Health

08:05:09 From Pallavi Gupta : could it be with ourselves?

08:05:26 From Meeta & Manav : Can you give an example

08:06:06 From Rohan Singal : whoever I meet experience unconditional love without anyone uttering a word, even online

08:06:22 From Rajiv Gulati : connect with the supreme consciousness

08:06:25 From Natasha Sinha : LOVE - Let Others voluntarily evolve’

08:06:27 From Ravi Gulgulia : Relationships - Life without any CONFLICTS and with more UNDERSTANDING full of love, care and respect.

08:06:32 From Asha Shah : My vibration is love. I radiate unconditional love and love comes to me multiplied.

08:06:32 From Rahul Kumar : Perfect harmony with everyone

08:06:36 From Puneet Sinha : Strongest possible bond, deep connection, smooth communication, open-hearted, deeply loving relationships

08:06:37 From Subbu Iyer : Relationships - where you don’t need to think much, JUST BE AND LET THE MAGIC UNFOLD

08:06:37 From Seema Mehta : flow to flow

08:06:39 From Geet Taneja : Meeting friends with deep acceptance & unconditional love

08:06:50 From Visionary commandoYash : deep listening and deep loving

08:06:50 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : Just BE and ACCEPT

08:06:53 From Varun Sood : That we can be perfectly aligned mode of transmission - one rooted, one flowering

08:07:05 From Seema Mehta : harmonious soul groups

08:07:09 From shilpa : Love to love with joy ease n glory

08:07:10 From Sajal Bajaj : Think LOVE

08:07:12 From Bhaumik Mehta : People admire me and I reciprocate to what people feel in the most amazing way

08:07:15 From Neeru Gupta : the world is healed and no virus

08:07:17 From Prashansa Daga : be love…

08:07:20 From Nidhi Chawla : Receive and give deep freely flowing unconditional love

08:07:21 From Josephine Chen : I see unconditional love with everyone I meet. Connecting soul to soul

08:07:23 From Bhargavi Swadia : I have a free flowing joyful relationshipwith deep understanding where we celebrate each other every moment

08:07:30 From Ravi Gulgulia : Relationships - Life with more UNDERSTANDING full of love, care and respect.

08:07:31 From K K : Keep up the positivity in relationship without any anticipated gains

08:08:01 From Rajiv Gulati : being as one, in nothingness

08:08:05 From Smitha PV : Ever Growing Community of Soul Mates Who Ever Comes in Way.

08:08:07 From Nitin Gupta : Destination Happiness

08:08:14 From K K : Soul to soul connect is true happiness and relationship

08:08:26 From Seema Mehta : come-unity with one and all

08:11:00 From Smitha PV : Brilliant Seema

08:11:01 From Megha Dinesh : I am climbing the highest peaks without any trouble

08:11:12 From Sudha Reddy : is it ok to be a bit vain?

08:11:27 From Sudha Reddy : to have the perfect body for example

08:11:32 From Bhuvnesh Jangid : Ironman Triathlon And Mount Everest - both are actually on my list :)

08:11:38 From Rajiv Gulati : Be in enthusiasm to experience without being aware of the body ...

08:11:48 From Natasha Sinha : Healthy in soul, body and mind. Being aligned to my body and being.

08:11:49 From Tricia Bolender : My body gets healthier & more vibrant every day; I feel free and love my body!

08:11:49 From Nitin Gupta : Everyone gets healthy and ensures healthiness of those around them

08:11:51 From Ravi Gulgulia : Health - No dis-ease can touch me and I feel younger day by day.

08:11:58 From Supritha Krishna : Like every cell in my body is dancing

08:11:59 From Lakshmi Ramnath : i LOOK 12 YEARS YOUNGER THAN WHAT I WAS 12 YEARS AGO

08:12:00 From Rajesh Katram : 6pack

08:12:01 From Rohan Singal : fit, self dependant all my life, able to all I want, die with my boots on. My health is my choice. Everyone in the world realizes this and more.

08:12:03 From Prashansa Daga : perfect abs, free diving diva, no dis ease, sky dive…

08:12:14 From Varun Sood : That I have the mental and physical ease of a child on a trampoline.

08:12:20 From K K : Not to catch up with age

08:12:31 From Josephine Chen : Feeling health and joy through all my pores of my body. Waking and living with energy, vitality and love.

08:12:37 From Pallav Shishodia : immensely popular


08:12:43 From Shilpaa Chogle : I have a healing aura, anything that comes up gets healed on its own. ANd others too receive the healing energy

08:12:45 From Seema Mehta : a vibrant efficacious body, A vivacious impactful mind, soul-full connections

08:12:55 From Nidhi Chawla : Every cell in my body and around me is buzzing with positive energy and good health

08:13:05 From Deepa Packiyanath : My body is extremely resource full

08:13:13 From rashmi jain : my family n myself enjoy the best of health throughout our life

08:13:19 From Smitha PV : Spring On My Feets All My Life nd No Age .

08:13:19 From Sandeep Tulshyan : To lead a happy, healthy & cheerful life with an attitude of gratitude!

08:13:25 From Lakshmi Ramnath : wow. and so it is. nithya

08:13:32 From Sejal Sa : My DNA is changing each cells in my body to get perfect healthy body

08:13:36 From A D : i am diabetes free with a healthy,slim, fit, active, sexy body with a balanced emotional mental and spiritual quotient

08:13:36 From K K : To swim over English Channel though I Donot know swimming

08:13:36 From Renuka Taneja : I am vibrant active free and fit

08:13:36 From santhosh kumar : THIS THOUGHT CAN BE OTHERS OR FOR US ONLY

08:13:37 From Manisha Mudgal : When its time for my to transcend to the next realm, every part of my body is healthy and peace and contentment in my heart

08:13:43 From Manisha Kalra : May my presence be a blessing and healing for all❤️

08:13:47 From Visionary commandoYash : becoming a magnet and transmitter of prosperity and emotional health

08:13:49 From Vikashh Guptta : having energy to do whatever you what at any ponit of time

08:13:53 From Sudha Reddy : Fittest woman on the planet

08:13:57 From Vikashh Guptta : point*

08:14:03 From Rahul Kumar : always energetic , full of enthusiasm , calmer n be in present

08:14:13 From Renuka Taneja : Blessing all with healing and heal my self

08:14:14 From Neelam Sharma : very blissful

08:14:14 From Rajesh Soman : My body is rejuvenating and recreating the youth again and again

08:14:16 From Neeru Gupta : perfect health full of energy

08:14:16 From Charu Chhatwal : feel energetic youthful eternally

08:14:20 From Pallav Shishodia : That was for relationship

08:14:21 From Vinod Jain : Healthy, happy, flexi and child like

08:18:19 From Rajesh Katram : Financial Independence

08:18:30 From Tricia Bolender : I am God's favorite and money loves me!!

08:18:36 From Sudha Reddy : Forbes richest entrepreneur of the year

08:18:52 From Sandeep kalaskar : world richest person

08:18:56 From Varun Sood : That I have so much, that no more I feel want, but in fact I feel others wants

08:19:08 From Nidhi Chawla : I am most successful, impactful and abundant entrepreneur in the senior care space

08:19:13 From Rajiv Gulati : Filled with gratitude for the experience abundance. Am content and complete ...

08:19:23 From Prashansa Daga : so abundant that my power to give is never restricted…just ask and its given…

08:19:23 From santhosh kumar : MAKE 1000 STREET SELLERS CROREPATIS

08:19:26 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : I become the Door that opens bothways - infinite opportunities open up for me and I become the portal of opportunities for others

08:19:27 From Manisha Kalra : May abundance and prosperity get a new name Manisha🤩

08:19:27 From Visionary commandoYash : becoming a magical box in which I spends it automatically becomes full

08:19:28 From Shilpaa Chogle : I attract money abundance prosperity at will & am helping others find & experience their MAP

08:19:29 From Raj Singh : On the cover of Forbes in the next 3 years for Innovation

08:19:31 From Sajal Bajaj : MONEY - Magnetically Owning None and Everything Yet!!!

08:19:34 From Drishti : have hideous amount of money magically and everyone who connects with me in anyway can have it too

08:19:36 From Vikashh Guptta : Do whatever is needed to wanted to at any point of time.

for me and everyone

08:19:39 From Geet Taneja : Be on Watkin's list of inspiring personalities

08:19:40 From Ravi Gulgulia : Opportunity, Prosperity, Wealth, - Its always with me and I take all with me.

08:19:42 From Bhuvnesh Jangid : A Holistic Healing Island I own - Any one is free to come for healing.

08:19:44 From Anupama Chib : I am so full of abundance that whoev5comes in touch when prospers too

08:19:45 From Meeta & Manav : I have so much wealth and I give freely all I have and I receive more and give more

08:19:46 From Puneet Sinha : Can provide homes for every homeless person in the world

08:19:47 From Charu Chhatwal : I have more that I can imagine possible

08:19:48 From Rohan Singal : port of prosperity - more than 1 million people influenced to be financially free.

08:20:00 From Sanjita Naik : My daughter get admission in USA and finance manages automatically

08:20:01 From Lakshmi Ramnath : I am FEATURING IN LINE WITH SRI RATAN TATA

08:20:01 From Smitha PV : Have Evergrowing BIllions in My Account nd Properties across the world.

08:20:13 From Nitin Gupta : I am more than enough in all respect

08:20:18 From Sanjita Naik : My daughter get admission in USA and finance manages automatically

08:20:22 From Nitin Gupta : I have everything I need and I support others who in turn support others

08:20:22 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : Connectedness to the Universe!

08:20:24 From Shilpa Deshmukh : I am the biggest philanthropist...I have all resources at my disposal to help anyone

08:20:24 From Renuka Taneja : Filled with gratitude for abundance ,prosperity and opportunities for all

08:20:38 From Seema Mehta : Financial-preneurship maro-ing up for all

08:20:38 From Magdalena Baciu : So abundant that I can create meaningful change in the world. I can be a portal for infinite opportunities for all.

08:20:47 From Rahul Kumar : world's biggest philanthropist

08:20:49 From sangeeta chetan : I am in tune with the abundant and prosperous nature of the universe and i have the midas touch, and i use it to make it a portal of prosperity

08:20:51 From Prashansa Daga : i would be Kuberas treasurer…

08:20:54 From Bhaumik Mehta : I feel so abundant I the moment there is absolutely nothin in the world, which can make my heart more content……

08:20:57 From Sweta Kanudia : I am one of the best educators in the world and have Nithya help me with the school curriculum . May all my kids in school become channels of blessing and prosperity along with me .

08:20:58 From Pallav Shishodia : Richest man with ability to create biggest charity

08:21:01 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : WOW

08:21:02 From Natasha Sinha : A best selling, prosperous writer who heals everyone with her words. Living my highest potential and following my dreams of travelling and touching lives in inexplicable ways.

08:21:02 From Tricia Bolender : look at me!!

08:21:08 From Lakshmi Ramnath : nithyaaaa look at me

08:21:08 From Ravi Gulgulia : Nitya - pls look at meeeee

08:21:12 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : Living in total abundance and peace and having the ability to spread the same to everyone I come into contact with.

08:21:21 From Megha Dinesh : I have a free, uninterrupted flow of money infinite times and is with me all the time I need

08:21:34 From Smitha PV : Give a deeper look , Nithya

08:21:36 From Savita Pattar : having and generating wealth that makes others wealthy

08:21:54 From Lakshmi Ramnath : now will have to do kubera pooja on ur birthday

08:22:02 From Sweta Kanudia : Nithya , I wish u read my message

08:25:22 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : I am the akshayapatra of wealth and abundance for myself and everyone I come in contact with.

08:25:39 From Nidhi Chawla : Nithya, I am a lil unclear about what does it mean to step into Vyom. What does that feel like?

08:25:40 From Seema Mehta : Tathastu Sumithra

08:26:41 From Sudha Reddy : I sometimes think of that emptiness as from the current present to how to get to that expansive thought, is that right way to do it

08:27:02 From Manisha Kalra : Beautiful Sumithra...So be it🌺


08:28:29 From Anupama Chib : a new thought came-that I become so content ,so fulfilled within myself, that my needs become fewer and I can spend all my time in helping others feel content and healed ,forever grateful.

08:29:07 From Anupama Chib : all my time and resources to heal and spread joy.

08:29:13 From Deepa Packiyanath : can you please repeat the second one

08:29:23 From Deepa Chandrasekaran : I am so grateful for being in this space and looking beyond what I am aware of !

08:29:45 From Nidhi Chawla : I choose to be Grateful; I choose to Dream Big; I choose to Never never never give up

08:29:48 From Tricia Bolender : @Deepa: I choose to be grateful. I choose to dream big. And I choose to never never never give up.

08:29:59 From Deepa Packiyanath : Thank you

08:30:16 From Subbu Iyer : I choose to be ever so grateful, I choose to dream BIG, I choose to never never give up…

08:30:42 From Rohan Singal : I was told to avoid double negatives. can we replace Never giveup by something else. like always persist.

08:30:46 From Lakshmi Ramnath : gratitude to RADHA N PADDY TO GET ME HERE.

08:30:58 From Richa Bhardwaj : Thank You Nithya, It was a miraculous session today.

08:31:27 From Manisha Kalra : So grateful to Nithya and this beautiful community for filling me in the magical, miraculous thoughts❤️Infinite gratitude and blessings!!!

08:31:29 From Rajiv Gulati : just be ….

08:31:42 From Seema Mehta : Enjoy and be in-joy

08:32:37 From Preethi Balan : Thank You

08:32:40 From Dimple Gupta : Beautiful session

08:32:41 From santhosh kumar : These thoughts has to be same everyday or can keep changing

08:32:53 From Nidhi Chawla : Thank You 

08:32:58 From Neeru Gupta : thank you very much for the amazing session

08:33:04 From Seema Mehta : attendance code - Think Rain :-)


08:33:28 From Chinar Bopshetty : Thank you Nithya!

08:33:31 From srikant chari : Think Money rain

08:33:36 From Ashish Kumar : I completely agree with you...just to clarify my understanding...how is dreaming big different from Mungeri Lal ke haseen sapne or being a shaikh chilli

08:33:54 From Varsha Nandgaonkar :                 Thank you Nitya for a wonderful session and greatful thoughts and learning                                  

08:33:59 From Kavita R : Available on YouTube for free

08:34:00 From Sanjita Naik : Attendence code

08:34:24 From Sheila Mathilakath : its already raining

08:34:25 From K K : Nithya ,My gratitude for today’s powerful session

08:34:26 From shaailesh shah : wehave in Mumbai alreadyy

08:34:29 From Rajesh Katram : Think Rain TM : P

08:34:30 From Lakshmi Ramnath : kubera calling  is better ATTENDANCE code?

08:34:31 From Andrea Stone : Thanks Nithya and everyone. I am Thinking Rain and it looks pretty likely in Gurgaon right now.

08:34:38 From Ami Desai : Hyderabad it's been raining

08:34:38 From Neeru Gupta : it just rained in Hyderabad

08:34:39 From Prashansa Daga : i m on an island where it rains mostly all days…

08:34:42 From Swati Kshirsagar : it's already raining very heavily in Mumbai

08:34:43 From Varsha Nandgaonkar : fell like your session never end

08:34:45 From Ravi Gulgulia : Its starting rain in Guwahati

08:34:49 From Sweta Kanudia : Its raining ever since your session started today

08:34:54 From Josephine Chen : We need rain in Los Angeles. We have fires.

08:34:56 From Nitin Gupta : It is cloudy in Gurgaon and might rain soon

08:35:23 From Visionary commandoYash : think it till u feel it and feel it till u make it could u please throw some more thoughts on it

08:35:29 From Natasha Sinha : Big nimbus clouds in Gurgaon..let it rain…

08:35:30 From Renuka Taneja : Delhi is cloudy since yesterday ...today thinking rain will rain

08:35:33 From santhosh kumar : These miraculous thoughts has to be constant or can keep changing everyday

08:35:50 From Nivey : So thankful for todays Joyful, Miraculous, Powerful, Expansive, Light, Playful , Fun Session. Infinite Blessings to every one and Arigato Nithya! Feeling Blissful...

08:35:52 From Varsha Nandgaonkar : very powerful thought Nitya

08:37:32 From Visionary commandoYash : think it till u feel it and feel it till u make it could u please throw some more thoughts on it

08:38:06 From Puneet Sinha : At the end of my day today I am most grateful for you Nithya and for this session - I was having a particularly rough day before this. Immense immense gratitude 🙏

08:38:08 From Rajiv Gulati : Every moment is in gratitude …...and the moment is infinite Vyom.

08:38:11 From Michelle Pereira : Ask and you shall receive

Seek and you shall find

Knock and the door will be opened

The Bible

08:38:23 From Karimaddela Keerthinmayee : is this the last session?

08:38:35 From Rohan Singal : 6 of 7 session

08:39:03 From Nitin Gupta : Thank you so much for a wonderful session

08:39:03 From Varsha Nandgaonkar : yes NItya please

08:39:06 From Tricia Bolender : yay!! yes to going beyond!

08:39:09 From Bhuvnesh Jangid : yayyyyy

08:39:09 From Nidhi Chawla : Yay!!!

08:39:11 From Ashish Kumar : Arigato Nithya

08:39:12 From Sheila Mathilakath : Thank you nithya...much gratitude

08:39:12 From Nitin Gupta : Stuck with Kubera

08:39:13 From deepali goyal : thank you nithya

08:39:16 From Sudha Reddy : we would love that

08:39:17 From Smitha PV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORj0__RL1CE

08:39:21 From Sandeep kalaskar : Thanks lot's Nithya

08:39:22 From Anisha Parveen : Totally grateful for this amazing session tonight. Energizes me before going to bed

08:39:26 From Rajesh Katram : Thankful for being stuck with you

08:39:26 From Josephine Chen : What is the attendance code?

08:39:30 From Subbu Iyer : Arigato Nithya…. And everyone…

08:39:32 From Sneha K : Byeeeeee

08:39:35 From Rohan Singal : think rain

08:39:36 From Smitha PV : THINK RAIN

08:39:38 From Nitin Gupta : Code. - Think Rain

08:39:43 From Nidhi Chawla : Think Rain @ Josephine

08:39:51 From Josephine Chen : Thank you!!!!

08:40:10 From aparna : many thanks

08:40:30 From Pallavi Gupta : thank you so much. I am grateful to be here

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