Bonus Session #2: Recap Of "The Good Millionaire" & Sharing


00:18:25 Jyoti S: good morning

00:21:14 VIkashh Guptat: I am blessed today I call. I just doing my monthly account only have Rs. 800/-. I am geetiing so worried

00:23:09 ritu agarwal: Which book we are doing now

00:27:13 Sweta Kanudia: Who is the author ? tim

00:27:31 Dhara Gawade: Tim ferris

00:27:34 Lakshmi Ramnath: can any1 please givevthe gist. i missed a few

00:27:37 Komal Kanal: it is created by intelligent change

00:27:42 Natasha Sinha: What’s the app called?

00:27:56 Komal Kanal: five minute journal

00:28:02 Sudha Reddy: 5 minute journal

00:28:47 Lakshmi Ramnath: nithya i m sure i have done good karma to deserve thus SANGHA

00:30:08 VIkashh Guptat: Be happy and spread happness

00:30:19 Savita Pattar: Live life to its fullest

00:30:19 Prashansa Daga: true to myself and others…

00:30:20 Nitin Gupta: Be of assistance to a lot of people and be very rich!

00:30:21 Radha TSJ: To be a channel of blessing! to serve

00:30:22 Nitin Gupta: Spread happiness to everyone

00:30:22 Lakshmi Ramnath: i can be kind gentle loving yet make an impact

00:30:25 Nandita Bhaskar: productiveand growth oriented

00:30:29 Shilpaa Chogle: I can be kind, generous, courageous & an enlightened billionaire

00:30:30 MOUSUMI SAHA: Stay where you Thrive

00:30:33 Nitin Gupta: love your dream

00:30:33 Padmajaa: Never let anyone else decide how you should feel about yourself

00:30:34 Srikumar Sreedharan: Spreading possibilities

00:30:36 Seema Mehta: "I matter, I make a difference"

00:30:37 rajsingh rathore: You can be innocent playful and a student for life. Channel of infinite love and blessings

00:30:38 Rajesh Soman: leave things better than what I got

00:30:39 Jyoti S: loving kind stress free , enjoying every minute in joyful way .

00:30:43 Karimaddela Keerthinmayee: I can give more, serve more and earn more with all the peace and prosperity

00:30:44 Nithya Shanti: To be a channel of the highest possible wisdom, joy and magnificence in the world, for the world, as the world.

00:30:45 Chinar Bopshetty: To be kind, equanimous and a source of abundance for myself and others

00:30:46 Mridula Nair: Love and help everyone as much you can

00:30:46 Nidhi Chawla: be playful. there is nothing serious happening here.

00:30:47 Dhara Gawade: Me being successful is not selfish ..It is going to inspire others and its very important

00:30:47 Meeta Ghuwalewala: To be a giver and grow to be better everyday

00:30:48 Aakanksha Thakur: I am healthy, happy, jouful and loving 

00:30:55 ritu agarwal: You can only be rich when u contribute to society. More u nice more richer u become'

00:30:56 Sudha Reddy: I am struck with borrowing what u just said

00:30:57 Raie Dey: you can be professional and playful

00:31:00 Pallav Shishodia: Live and let live

00:31:11 Vinod Jain: my life philosphy to remain healthy, jovial, supportive, rich and making difference in life of people

00:31:12 Sandeep Tulshyan: Be kind, compassionate, happy, healthy with an attitude of gratitude!

00:31:12 Vandana Puri: To live and let live 

To be comfortable and let everyone in my environment comfortable

00:31:14 deepali goyal: I want to happy ,successful, grow spiritually and get rich by helping a lot of poeple

00:31:26 Natasha Sinha: Loving kindness to oneself and the others, while living each moment lightly.

00:31:27 Anupama Chib: prosperity is a state of mind ,and so is happiness. spread both

00:31:41 srikant chari: To serve more and more people

00:31:45 Swati Kshirsagar: live abundant rich and help others live abundant life


00:32:09 Sanjeev: I can be happy, rich and be a channel of blessing

00:32:16 Geet Taneja: I can be happy, loving, balanced, have a happy, loving family and be very very rich.

00:32:25 Arvind S: I want to be a kind, compassionate person and a portal of Health, Prosperity and Peace

00:32:27 Deepa Chandrasekaran: Being Self Aware, Evolve continuously, live in abundance and create change in the world!

00:32:31 Anupama Chib: I am always at peace ,and prosperous no matter what

00:32:44 Rajiv Gulati: Encompass all ….

00:32:57 Sweta Kanudia: To be a channel of empowerment and growth, enable creativity , spread happiness and love

00:32:58 Vishal Thapliyal: Be in surrender and allow massive abundance of happiness health and wealth come to me and through me to others

00:33:00 Rhituparna Mitra: Life knows what's best for me, so allow it to flow through you effortlessly

00:33:10 Varsha N: to give 100% to everyone who cross the path of my life with abudance

00:33:12 Lakshmi Ramnath: i spread joy n continue to Live in JOY

00:34:04 Smitha PV: Which Book We are doing

00:34:24 Prashansa Daga: by helping a lot of people…

00:34:28 Radha TSJ: The Good Millionaire - Same

00:34:33 Radha TSJ: same book Smitha

00:34:35 Smitha PV: thanks Radhus

00:34:45 Prashansa Daga: thoughts, gfeelings

00:34:47 Nitin Gupta: Thought - Feelings -

00:34:48 Shriram Krishnamachari: Thought action feeling results

00:34:51 Prashansa Daga: action, results

00:34:51 Nitin Gupta: Results

00:34:53 Seema Mehta: Thoughts - Feelings- Actions - Results

00:34:53 Varsha N: Thoughts, feelings, actions reality

00:34:54 Vishal Thapliyal: Thoughts feelings action result

00:35:05 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Thought

00:35:10 Prashansa Daga: thoughts...

00:35:14 Nitin Gupta: Thought

00:35:55 Nitin Gupta: Great analogy

00:44:52 Radha TSJ: Thank you for this

00:45:03 Radha TSJ: I guess, I needed this.

00:45:25 Sudha Reddy: possible

00:45:26 Nitin Gupta: excited

00:45:26 Raj Singh: excited

00:45:26 Sweta Kanudia: excited

00:45:27 srikant chari: superrexited

00:45:27 Natasha Sinha: Ecstatic

00:45:28 Prashansa Daga: i feel nice…

00:45:30 Vandana Puri: Spectacular

00:45:31 Shaailesh: confident

00:45:31 Shriram Krishnamachari: Super

00:45:34 Sandeep Tulshyan: Happy

00:45:35 Atima Joshi: Comfortable! :)

00:45:35 Srikumar Sreedharan: excited

00:45:35 Varsha N: excited

00:45:36 MOUSUMI SAHA: It is reality

00:45:38 Sanjita Naik: possible?

00:45:40 Rajesh Soman: at peace

00:45:40 Savita Pattar: excited

00:45:40 Karimaddela Keerthinmayee: yes already rich

00:45:42 Lakshmi Ramnath: awessssssssome

00:45:42 Swati Kshirsagar: anxious

00:45:45 Vinod Jain: anxiety 

00:45:45 Raie Dey: expansion

00:45:47 Rohan Singal: excited, adventurous

00:45:48 Asha Shah: Blessed

00:45:49 Aakanksha Thakur: I said I choose to be uncomfortable and be rich

00:45:50 Sweta Kanudia: Im reading art of possibilities … im feeling its happening

00:45:52 Komal Kanal: what else can be possible

00:45:52 Smitha PV: LITTLE HEAVINESS

00:45:56 Anupama Chib: excited ,a bit doubtful, happy ,joyful

00:45:59 Sanjeev: Feels a sense of freedom

00:46:07 Vishal Thapliyal: Doubtful first ... now I just know it’s right

00:46:28 Chinar Bopshetty: doubtful of my own capacity for action

00:46:44 Sanjita Naik: what to do to change unknown settings

00:47:19 Komal Kanal: How does it get any better than this

00:48:00 Sanjita Naik: Thank you Nithya

00:49:08 VIkashh Guptat: As we are reading this book I am feeling very very low for myself

00:50:55 Prashansa Daga: there is a theory uneconomic i think by melon keynes.. the more you spend the more you get…

00:50:56 Rhituparna Mitra: What a feeling that must be!

00:50:59 Prashansa Daga: Milton

00:51:08 Prashansa Daga: in ecocomics…

00:51:51 Prashansa Daga: ECONOMICS

00:53:52 Sweta Kanudia: How cute

00:53:54 Lakshmi Ramnath: kubera calling

00:58:18 Nivey: Yes that would very helpful Nithya to tap into broke beliefs

01:02:45 Rohan Singal: your mess becomes your message

01:03:42 Aakanksha Thakur: Raie I ll call you too

01:04:06 Lakshmi Ramnath: Raie   me tooooo

01:04:26 Sanjita Naik: Nithya i contineous loss my money. i make profit also than again i loss. lastly i loss my all saving like 15000$ . Actually inner says that if again i will earn, i may again make loss....?

01:05:01 Rajiv Gulati: This proves it …. If you just call out, abundant support is just there ...available.

01:05:37 Raie Dey: how wonderful 🙏🏽🌷💜

01:06:20 Smitha PV: Tapping Into Ultimate Success: How to Overcome Any Obstacle and Skyrocket Your Results

Book by Jack Canfield and Pamela Bruner              Tapping Into Wealth: How Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Can Help You Clear the Path to Making More Money

Book by Daylle Deanna Schwartz and Margaret M. Lynch                                  Attract Abundance Now: with EFT and the Law of Attraction Volume 1 Kindle Edition

by Carol Look

01:06:21 Sudha Reddy: I disagree

01:06:25 Lakshmi Ramnath: Nithya if there is any fund planner may be we have a beginners session at how to save that possible??

01:06:27 Sudha Reddy: I think we r capable of it all

01:06:28 Raie Dey: 9873565669

01:06:40 deepali goyal: lol

01:07:18 shilpa: Thanks for this question Jyoti

01:07:24 Savita Pattar: Thank you Raie ❤

01:07:40 Lakshmi Ramnath: thank you Raie

01:07:53 Smitha PV: THANKS RAIE

01:08:10 Shruti Sanganeria: What is hard work?

01:08:51 Ashish Kumar: Great Insights

01:09:13 Deepa Devi: Wow! Heart work

01:09:23 shilpa: Heart work !!! Beautiful n great perspective

01:09:52 Rajiv Gulati: Raie, more power to you for sticking your neck out ….

01:10:28 Prashansa Daga: wow thats so inspiring!!! i want your life…

01:10:35 Manisha Kalra: Love the way you shift the tight to light✨

01:13:11 Shilpa Deshmukh: please follow basic principles of diversification, asset allocation..will help..

01:13:51 Rhituparna Mitra: Thank you so much for sharing @Sanjita!

01:14:03 Manisha Kalra: Hugs and gratitude for sharing Sanjita💗

01:14:06 Prashansa Daga: @sanchita- you need proper guidance when dealing with stocks.. its a pattern that you need to ride on when it comes to stock markets.

01:14:21 Deepa Devi: More power to you Sanjita!


01:14:47 Seema Vij: So true Nithya….

01:15:17 Prashansa Daga: so true… i really like the western way of upbringing… thats so true…

01:15:31 Mridula Nair: So true Nithya


01:15:47 Lakshmi Ramnath: love you nithya. you are amazing

01:15:48 Nivey: Very true and powerful sharing .Thankyou

01:16:14 Prashansa Daga: +1 Smitha… absolutely… we have such great institutions….

01:17:28 Divya Sharma: I have a class at 8. Gotta go. Thankyou for the wonderful session, will catch up the rest on rigpa. Arigato Nithya🙏🏻

01:17:28 Puneet Sinha: You think social culture in America is great?

01:18:18 deepali goyal: an average American pays for his college education, earns his/her pocket money through summer job. at most a rich relative/parent may pay for their tuition fee. my aunt who teaches in an American univ shared with me once

01:18:32 Ashish Kumar: Amazing 

01:18:40 Manisha Kalra: How wonderful Nithya✨

01:18:40 Nivey: Awesome affirmation and intention Nithya.

01:18:49 Dimple Gupta: Amazing

01:18:54 Mridula Nair: LOVE LOVE and LOVE and lots of LOVE to you

01:18:54 Smitha PV: MAIYUR MA TO SANJITA

01:20:44 Raj Singh: How wonderful Raie


01:20:59 Mridula Nair: How wonderful Raie

01:21:01 Lakshmi Ramnath: awessssssssome Raie love to you

01:21:01 Prashansa Daga: how sweet Raie… love love love to you…

01:21:01 deepali goyal: lovely share raie

01:21:04 shilpa: Amaaaaazing !!!!

01:21:13 Seema Vij: Fantastic Raie

01:21:16 Manisha Kalra: Awesome Sharing Raie!!!

01:21:17 Deepa Devi: Wonderful Raie! So beautiful!

01:21:22 Anisha parveen Mohamed Sheriff: How wonderful Raie !!

01:21:25 Sweta Kanudia: Awesome raie

01:21:34 Komal Kanal: amazing share Raie

01:22:06 Nivey: Love your sharing Raie. Thanks so much. lots of love and strength to your Sanjita.

01:22:08 Sanjita Naik: Thank you Raie

01:22:09 Mridula Nair: Amazing Raie love to you

01:22:26 Aakanksha Thakur: I have a question

01:22:26 Sanjita Naik: Thank you all

01:23:08 Roshni Hinduja: Such a beautiful share Raie! Loved listening to you and how your ideas have shaped into life here.

01:23:12 Varsha N: yes please

01:23:13 Savita Pattar: yes Shilpa... plzzzx

01:23:25 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Yes Shilpa

01:23:28 Puneet Sinha: Yes please... Shilpa

01:23:41 Lakshmi Ramnath: shilpa wonderful. looking forward to your session

01:23:43 Deepa Devi: That will be a great idea Shilpa, pls do a class for us. Thank you!

01:23:50 Roshni Hinduja: Yes please Shilpa financial planning class!

01:23:53 Shilpa Deshmukh: I would be happy to 🙏🙏🙏

01:25:04 Raj Singh: Thank you Shilpa 🙏

01:25:29 Seema Vij: Exactly what I was thinking

01:25:41 Prashansa Daga: your should charge by the hour my friend!


01:26:37 Puneet Sinha: Your father has worked hard for his kids to be supported ... he would be more than happy I’m sure

01:26:51 Nitin Gupta: very nice Nithya

01:27:08 Prashansa Daga: i also think that if you hear the arigato course, it will really change your beliefs about money…

01:27:24 Rajesh Soman: I believe the same. Be independent financially, stay together for the sake of love.

01:27:48 Rhituparna Mitra: Awesome Akanksha! Consider me your first trial customer :-)

01:27:51 Roshni Hinduja: So true Nithya! Nothing comes free and most Indian women help out here n there for free especially in their family. When all the employees can draw a salary, then why can’t you get a salary?

01:28:03 Deepa Devi: WoW! Wonderful idea

01:28:09 Lakshmi Ramnath: Akanksha.

01:28:16 Lakshmi Ramnath: 5 ace

01:28:41 Lakshmi Ramnath: ur new name  The 5 Aces company inc

01:28:51 Mangesh Thote: Excellent idea Akanksha

01:29:34 Nivey: Wow

01:29:48 Deepa Devi: Great Vandana!

01:29:50 shilpa: Akansha pls value yourself. No one will if u don’t . Learn to see what all u contribute.


01:30:19 Manisha Kalra: Arigato Vandana💗

01:30:22 Deepa Devi: :)

01:30:27 Prashansa Daga: beautiful Vandana....

01:30:30 Nivey: Hahahahahah

01:30:34 Mridula Nair: beautiful

01:30:36 Nitin Gupta: very nice

01:30:37 Lakshmi Ramnath: i m booking my flight to Mauritius

01:30:42 Roshni Hinduja: Awesome Vandana!! So powerful.

01:30:43 Nitin Gupta: hahaha

01:31:39 Meera Modi: Where do you get 6% interest in banks??

01:32:00 Vinod Jain: I am a CA. About 99% of my clients, lose in share market. Important to learn about investing

01:32:22 Lakshmi Ramnath: we only pay 6 % dear

01:32:33 Sweta Kanudia: Thanks Nithya … thx everyone

01:32:45 Shriram Krishnamachari: Thanks Nithya for a fantastic course. Gratitude

01:32:49 Vinod Jain: How investing in share and earning … helping people?

01:33:00 Nitin Gupta: Like Nithya said earlier.. change your thermostat

01:33:27 Rohan Singal: The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness by Morgan Mousel 

Very eye opening

01:33:28 deepali goyal: thank you Nithya! gratitude for the community

01:33:38 Prashansa Daga: the most overriding thought for todays discussion…is we need get out of our own way… its just our limiting thoughts ….i guess tapping might help…

01:33:47 Komal Kanal: yes I 2nd that Rohan

01:34:05 Varsha N: so powerful thoughts Nitya

01:34:09 Manisha Kalra: Infinite gratitude for all the playful guidance💖

01:34:57 Komal Kanal: Warren Buffet started investing at the age of 11 realized profits at the age of 65

01:35:20 Komal Kanal: from the book Psychology of Money


01:36:16 Manisha Kalra: Memories, emotions, proofs

01:36:21 Seema Vij: hahahahaha

01:36:25 Roshni Hinduja: Lol

01:36:25 Deepa Devi: :)

01:36:26 Vandana Puri: I want to understand that better

01:36:30 Raj Singh: Very powerful! Thanks Geet

01:36:47 Manisha Kalra: Arigato Geet💖

01:36:51 Vinod Jain: Today's session practically most powerful of all

01:36:58 Komal Kanal: Arigato Geet

01:37:11 Nitin Gupta: 11 Millionaire idea

01:37:23 Nitin Gupta: Geet given

01:37:36 Mridula Nair: Arigato Geet

01:37:55 Seema Vij: The taskmaster at work

01:37:59 Lakshmi Ramnath: nithya this has become like Practicals.we started on theory and learning via practical in this amazing Classroom

01:38:04 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Arigato geet

01:38:06 Shruti Sanganeria: LOL

01:39:08 Vinod Jain: Nithya ji ka Prosperity portal bhi to KISMAT hai

01:39:12 Lakshmi Ramnath: wow geet

01:39:37 Nitin Gupta: Thanks a lot Nithya and everyone for the contributions to make this session so amazing

01:40:01 rashmi jain: thanks geet

01:40:11 Nitin Gupta: One of the quotes I am always reminded of ‘Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’

01:40:19 Nitin Gupta: today you are here is also kissmit

01:40:45 Partha Chennai: has anyone got this book in india, physical copy ? good millionaire..

01:41:18 Vandana Puri: Wooow

01:41:29 Savita Pattar: woow

01:41:33 Nivey: Wow

01:41:36 Lakshmi Ramnath: wowwwwwww.superb.

01:41:42 Deepa Devi: Wow! Awesome

01:42:27 Rajiv Gulati: Twice in life, I picked up from zero and once from minus …. Begin with what you have (that's - yourself) and make the most of it (use your mind and body) ….

01:42:48 Lakshmi Ramnath: nithya every transfer i first cry n lament and bybthe time i m on to another transfer soo much in love with the place i say i m gonna own a property here. my kids just laugh at me

01:43:57 Sanjita Naik: which book?

01:44:04 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Wowww

01:44:19 Deepa Devi: Great thought Shilpa!

01:44:48 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: It is the great thought shilpa

01:44:52 Anupama Chib: which book did you read Shilpa

01:44:53 Meeta Ghuwalewala: But sometimes optimism also gets blamed if things go wrong

01:45:02 Manisha Kalra: Thank you Shilpa💗

01:45:04 Dimple Gupta: Lovely shilpa

01:45:08 Smitha PV: How To Become Money Workbook

01:45:19 Shruti Sanganeria: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

01:45:30 Puneet Sinha: Costa rica

01:45:31 Vandana Puri: Tathastu

01:45:33 Lakshmi Ramnath: karwar. is beautiful nithyaa. come here

01:45:37 Nitin Gupta: some expensive place

01:45:39 Manisha Kalra: So be it✨

01:45:40 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: Tathastu

01:45:42 Anupama Chib: thank you shilpa

01:45:59 Anupama Chib: Let's meet in Bhutan

01:45:59 Nandita Bhaskar: ill also be there

01:46:03 Nidhi Chawla: how wonderful! so it is

01:46:08 Lakshmi Ramnath: yes bhutan

01:46:17 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: 🤣🤣🤣

01:46:17 Lakshmi Ramnath: my ticket is booked

01:46:19 Sudha Reddy: done Bhutan

01:46:22 Vandana Puri: Meet at Ha valley in Bhutan

01:46:25 Dr Manjushaa Kadam: I’m in

01:46:27 Seema Vij: Bhutan Sounds good

01:46:28 Vandana Puri: It’s beautiful

01:46:44 Shruti Sanganeria: ❤️❤️❤️❤️

01:46:58 Shruti Sanganeria: therei s apdf

01:47:02 Prashansa Daga: i can gift a diving holiday…the condition is you have to scuba dive…

01:47:03 Nitin Gupta: suree

01:47:06 Nitin Gupta: thanks

01:47:09 Mridula Nair:

01:47:09 ritu agarwal: Its not available in amazon

01:47:16 Lakshmi Ramnath: looking forward to saturday with kubera

01:47:18 Vandana Puri: Gratitude

01:47:20 Vishal Thapliyal: The book is available online

01:47:24 Rashmi: Thank you everyone

01:47:34 Shruti Sanganeria: Lots of love

01:47:38 Vishal Thapliyal: ARIGATO ARIGATO ARIGATO

01:48:05 Anupama Chib: fabulous session

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