Session # 15: Authentic Relating with Jason Digges


Chat from the call

00:22:27 Eric Indy USA: Hi Jason welcome!

00:22:40 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Hey Jason!

00:25:11 Partha Chennai: Chitra.. is 14 yrs allowed ??? mine is 14... I'll have to hide this news from her !!

00:25:31 Paddy: Yay!!

00:25:36 Partha Chennai: Thank you CHitra..

00:26:57 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: Sounds good Chitra!

00:27:10 Roshni Chetan Hinduja: This should be fun!

00:27:23 Lucia Maria Suarez: hola! :)

00:27:23 Shubhra_NJ: Wonderful initiative Chitra

00:28:16 Chitra Pune: No Ravi keeping it as an activity but will check with Nithya and confirm

00:28:53 Chitra Pune: For the benefit of all, it was for Ravi’s question on prizes

00:35:24 Lucia Maria Suarez: integrate the 'I' and the 'WE' :)

00:35:44 Dipti Sahani: hello, is anybody else also experiencing static in the audio?

00:35:54 Alka Kalani: no

00:35:57 Shilpa Passi delhi: How fascinating

00:36:06 Nithya Shanti: Not me Dipti

00:36:16 Divina : i'm ok too, dipti

00:36:18 Rivi Rebello, Nasik: no dipti

00:36:27 Dipti Sahani: alright, will log in again. thank you 🙏

00:38:03 Dipti Sahani: is smooth now, thank you 🙌

00:38:52 Shilpa Passi delhi: Again … how fascinating

00:39:07 Seema Vij: WOW This learning/topic is Just-in-time for me…..thanks Jason & Nithya & Paddy

00:39:30 Nithya K: what if the other person isn't willing to engage?

00:40:50 Divina : can i just say, jason, you resemble an American version of Hrithik Roshan? Who agrees with me? 

00:41:02 Divina : Hrithik Roshan is an indian actor

00:45:24 Prachi Agarwal:): soulful Sunday

00:45:54 Dhara Gawade: Difficult sad,dear friend died suddenly

00:46:50 Lakshmi Ramnath: couldvwe plz increase the volume mr Jason sir

00:48:36 Divina : i'm so sorry for your loss, dhara :( 

01:13:57 Partha Chennai: I wish everyone that I am able to behave like this with everyone that I am related to .. ...

01:21:17 Lakshmi Ramnath: wow. loveleen

01:21:37 Lucia Maria Suarez: beautiful

01:21:38 Suprita Krishna: Thats so beautiful

01:21:39 Lakshmi Ramnath: just what i was talking about. not using ny legs

01:30:26 Divina : so cute

01:32:31 Partha Chennai: How wonderful.. both their books have Conflict handling !!! (Confict = ENergy / Hi Conflict Bye Conflict)...

01:33:22 Anitha Aswath: What you shared now Rohan and Jason speaks to me. Whenever I play my tanpura and ‘tend’ to it, there’s a response that is real, alive, and beyond physical. It’s a great reminder on presence. Thank you.

01:33:51 Jyoti: I felt pain and sadness and was not able to expand the gratitude. Taught me that pain blocks the heart chakra so need to heal

01:34:10 Supriya Sharma: Thank you so much. I am crashing so will bid g’night.

01:36:42 Prashansa SG: Thanks Jason, great session thus far .. apologies gotta go it’s almost midnight here in SG .. good luck .. cheers

01:50:55 Rohan Singal: please type again

01:51:03 Paddy: What I really appreciate about you is… 

What I see you uniquely contributing in the world/to this community is…

The values I see you standing for are…

The qualities I admire in you are…

01:53:05 Sudha Reddy: can someone repeat that last thing that jason said

01:53:12 Sudha Reddy: the thing that we complain about is what we ?

01:53:29 Partha Chennai: The one that we complain about .. are the gifts that we have

01:53:39 Partha Chennai: The ones that we expect others to bring in.. are our gifts to the others

01:55:19 Lakshmi Ramnath: wowwww. lucky you listening to flute

01:59:22 Rohan Singal: paddy, you may want to spotlight the other person chitra is talking about

02:00:29 Anitha Aswath: How kind of you, Chitra. Thank you!

02:00:30 Lakshmi Ramnath: wowww

02:00:45 Seema Vij: Joy

02:00:46 Lakshmi Ramnath: positivity multiplies

02:00:47 Partha Chennai: it resonates

02:00:49 Rohan Singal: feel glad

02:00:50 Rajiv Bangalore: Calming

02:00:51 Vidya Bangalore: doubles up !

02:00:52 Nithya K: ease

02:00:53 Dee Light, Chicago: Healed world

02:00:53 Eric Indy USA: made me cry with happiness

02:00:56 Smitha Sirivara: Warmth, connection

02:00:58 Ravi | Bangalore: Rejoice

02:01:00 Dipti Sahani: love 💞

02:01:00 Pratiksha New Bombay: uplifting

02:01:01 Alka Kalani: explosion of happiness

02:01:01 Komal Kanal: possip

02:01:02 Partha Chennai: It creates a sensee of belonging

02:01:03 charuchhatwal delhi: abundance

02:01:05 Rhituparna Mitra: makes both feel worthy

02:01:08 Dee Light, Chicago: Secure

02:01:15 Komal Kanal: trusted

02:01:22 Divina : possip is nithya's created word, it's positive gossip

02:01:22 jyoti: Valued

02:01:23 Radhika Srinivas: a sense of trust

02:01:31 Bhawana/ Florida: sense of belonging

02:01:37 Jason Digges: Conflict = Energy - Comprehensive AR theory and practice book

COnnect Platform - Games, Circling, and Authentic Community

Sessions for teams and companies

[email protected]

02:01:49 Alka Kalani: can you tell us more about your book

02:03:08 Ravi | Bangalore: - Link to India Amazon (if ordering from India, FYI)

02:03:40 Divina : Hi Jason, can we follow you on Insta/Facebook, pls? 

02:03:55 Alka Kalani: paperback version not available in india

02:04:00 Seema Vij: Hello Jason, one question : How to deal with “difficult” people at work with whom there is no common ground or who are tough to authentically relate to? I usually walk away or try to avoid ….but this can be draining out energetically.

02:04:02 Alka Kalani: its kindle version

02:04:14 Alka Kalani: I just checked

02:04:35 Dr. Dilip Kshirsagar: can you share more about your book

02:04:42 Jason Digges: @theauthenticrevolution

02:04:46 Jason Digges: Instagram

02:05:04 Prachi Agarwal:): Thankyouuuuuu ✨ Jason, Nithya, Paddy... soulful evening... Grateful and Blessed....✨Goooood night✨

02:05:05 Lavleen:

02:05:21 Akshay Dedhia: I felt the same

02:05:24 Lakshmi Ramnath: yes anitha true that

02:06:37 Savita Pattar - Bangalore: Thank you Jason, Nithya and Paddy🙏

02:06:42 Vidya Bangalore: How does one identify the thin line between appreciating self versus boosting one's own ego?

02:07:05 Shivani Marwaha (gurgaon): thanks a lot Jason, paddy and Nithya. a great session.

02:13:18 Muskaan, Mumbai: V valid Dee Light ❤️ 

People also say don't laugh too much else you'll have to cry... But I can't 😂😂 adhere to this belief given my name itself means laughter 😅😅😅🤣🤣 

02:14:29 Raie Dey: Dear Dee, I understand you. But I did noticed, that some times when I approached my son, he got unwell next day...I can't understand how is that possible, but it happened few times

02:16:33 Pratiksha New Bombay: @Dee Light, Mayb instead of saying it out loud, u can just say it in your mind :)

02:19:20 Jaishree Kannan: Thank you Jason . I really loved this session . Enjoyed doing the appreciation process and noticing today . Thank you Nithya and paddy .

02:20:11 Muskaan, Mumbai: Thank You Nithya, Jason, Paddy and my Gaming Partner Seema :-)

02:20:12 Jaishree Kannan: same here Rhituparna

02:20:30 Dimpie Arora: thanks Jason, lovely session, learnt to live myself

02:20:38 Dimpie Arora: love

02:20:48 Mani Bareja Mumbai: Thank you Jason for an enriching session... for sure learnt a lot ... thank you Nithya and Paddy 🙏🙏

02:21:11 Dhara,pune: Thank you Jason, it was a nice session

02:21:16 Divina : that's a good one, Jason... I should do that too; exactly the same problem

02:21:22 Meenu Chandigarh: it's like butterfly in the stomach

02:21:23 Shubhra_NJ: Thank you for the lovely session Jason! 

02:22:11 Bhawana/ Florida: Wonderful session Jason !! Looking forward to reading your book and learning more about out authentic relationships..Domo Arigato !!

02:22:25 Meenu Chandigarh: thanks Jason for a wonderful session 🙏

02:22:54 Shilpa Deshmukh, Mumbai: thanks so much Jason for this valuable session and sharing such wonderful insights. Thank you Nithya and Paddy for doing this. ❤🙏

02:23:05 Smitha Sirivara: Thank you Jason for the wonderful session and all the questions! Very insightful!

02:23:12 Partha Chennai: Thank you Jason

02:23:15 Raie Dey: loved it Jason🌼🌷🌾

02:23:18 Dee Light, Chicago: Thank you Jason 🙏🏽🙏🏽

02:23:19 Ravi | Bangalore: thanks Jason for a wonderful session. Gratitude

02:23:24 Divina : Thank you so much Jason ... sending hugs

02:23:27 Partha Chennai: My takeway - is appreciation is the exercise tot he Heart.. Thank you !!! God Bless...

02:23:27 sanjeev sethi: Thank You!

02:23:28 Abhinav Khanna: Thank you Jason!!!

02:23:31 Sailaja Balasubramaniyan: Thank you so much Jason!

02:23:33 Alejandra, Buenos Aires: it was a very beutiful session, I enjoyed and I learn things to apply!!

02:23:36 Dimpie Arora: so true paddy

02:23:40 Smitha P.V: Love you the way you bringing you in here.

02:23:42 Shilpa Passi delhi: Thank you so much for the beautiful share

02:23:46 charuchhatwal delhi: thank you for a lovely session

02:24:00 Vipul Shaha: so much gratitude Jason, Paddy, Nithya...Rivi

02:24:20 Sapna Ahuja: Thank you Nithya ,Jason ,Paddy for the lovely session 🙏

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