Session #4: 16th Jan '21/ 8 pm-10pm

20:00:52 From Nithya Shanti : Get cosy

20:01:00 From Nithya Shanti : Darken the room if you like

20:01:06 From Nithya Shanti : Get comfy

20:02:31 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : I AM UPSET ……

20:02:33 From Shriram Krishnamachari : Suffering is your choice

20:02:37 From padmajaa Iyer : The 6 poisons

20:02:38 From Bhooma Chutani : Who would I be without this thought

20:02:46 From Saumya A : Ask what makes your heart sing

20:02:50 From padmajaa Iyer : the work

20:02:51 From Ravi Trivedi : 1. Lion cub story, it takes only 1 moment to see our true nature by seeing the reflection in lake

20:02:51 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : STRESS IS AN INVITATION FOR INQUIRY

20:02:52 From Sunaina Vahi : the work

20:02:54 From Magdalena B : Love this silence.

20:02:58 From Shriram Krishnamachari : Suffering is arguing with reality

20:03:02 From Saimaa Sivakumaran : Whatever I am seeking, I am that

20:03:03 From padmajaa Iyer : list of 108

20:03:08 From Shriram Krishnamachari : Trust yourself

20:03:15 From Magdalena B : Great faith, great doubt, great awakening

20:03:21 From Meeta Bagwe : Be at peace with your non peace

20:03:22 From Ravi Trivedi : 6 poisons

1. Location – place – assume you are in place and not in other places. 

2. Time – it is morning, evening, this is my age. Era, Decade.

3. Attachment - Need people, thing to be happy.

4. Skill – assumption you have certain skills, and you don’t have other skills. You are good at something and you are not good at something. This comes from attachment to particular mind and body.

5. Knowledge – I know certain things vs. I don’t know certain things. Know more than you, less than you.

6. Individuality - 

20:03:23 From Shriram Krishnamachari : We fear what we have not understood

20:03:38 From Saimaa Sivakumaran : call off the search. Just be

20:03:39 From Sunaina Vahi : path of recognition/ purification

20:03:39 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : I AM THE DIAMOND LOOKING AT GRAPHITE

20:03:40 From Ravi Trivedi : From Neti Neti to Iti Iti

20:03:48 From Magdalena B : Highest tapasia - infinite patience,

20:04:08 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : THIS PLACE IS LUCKY TO HAVE ME

20:04:53 From Magdalena B : Sadness is not a natural response.

20:05:16 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : UR VOICE NITHYA

20:05:22 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : CANT HEAR

20:05:22 From Magdalena B : Until you see everything in the world as your friend your work is not done.

20:05:32 From Ravi Trivedi : Your voice has God like (echo) :-)

20:05:34 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : VOICE BREAKING

20:05:52 From Magdalena B : Your voice is altered

20:06:42 From Ravi Trivedi : better

20:06:51 From Shriram Krishnamachari : Volume can be more..Thanks

20:07:10 From padmajaa Iyer : it is so amazing that during the break i happened to stumble upon a post that lead me to register for a 3 day intense practice on the Vigyan Bhairava Tantra…. today was the first time i ever heard of this book and I was intrigued by Nithya's session on the 6 poisons..Clearly it is divine guidance.

20:08:23 From indu khatri : I thought of 21 and you said 21 Pinky

21:18:41 From Ravi Trivedi : Beautiful, Saw it first time -

21:24:28 From Magdalena B : I feel it’s a true privilege to e there for someone in need.

21:33:41 From Meeta Bagwe : whats the name of this book ?

21:33:59 From Magdalena B : Book: “Kitchen Table Wisdom"

21:34:26 From Meeta Bagwe : thank you Magdalena

21:34:53 From Magdalena B : ❤️

21:42:47 From Saumya A : I appreciate the grand sense of flow from 5am until now

21:42:56 From indu khatri : I am grateful for the meditations, it went very smoothly. Thank you Nithya and everyone...I will have to leave.

21:43:00 From Shriram Krishnamachari : How this day has passed..Went like a puff….Wonderful …

21:43:04 From padmajaa Iyer : I enjoyed each and every moment.. gratitude Nithya.. can go on and on

21:43:05 From Bhooma Chutani : I am grateful for the TAT meditation

21:43:06 From Meeta Bagwe : I am grateful that this day of tapasya was effortless

21:43:12 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : grateful for the reminder of the beauty of love and life

21:43:28 From Radhika Mansata : It was an amazing day.Thank you..the meditation was v moving

21:43:51 From Shriram Krishnamachari : TAT was amazing today….

21:43:51 From Shivika Mansata : I am grateful that I was able to attend some bits of today, despite thinking I couldn't

21:43:52 From indu khatri : I am also grateful for that 108 exercise

21:44:02 From Saimaa Sivakumaran : I’m so grateful to have joined in today despite the time difference :)

21:44:04 From Anu chadha : i am grateful for these jewels of the heart , your sharings, learnings, teachings, am blessed. thank you nitya 

21:44:14 From Jaishree Kannan : I am grateful for the wonderful day and all the learnings and meditation

21:44:24 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : I appreciate presence of each divine soul and their valuable contribution ..and profound meditations ..deep deep gratitude dear nithya

21:44:27 From Nidhi Suri : I am grateful for energy that is flowing in me since morning. TAT resets my mind grateful to you.

21:44:36 From Ravi Trivedi : enjoyed the wonderful learning, Still absorbing the lessons.... the learning has just started. :-)

21:44:37 From Meeta Bagwe : I am grateful my home looked after itself today

21:44:52 From Magdalena B : I am grateful for all, life, grace, Nithya, our hearts, everyone of you, the mystery of life that brought it all together. Beyond words. Profound, joys, graceful. Thank you ❤️

21:45:06 From Tapaswini Mohanty : i am grateful for all the 4 sessions today,thank you verymuch,its a wonderful day,the evening meditation is awesome

21:45:11 From Aparna Bajaj : I'm amazed I don't feel tired or heavy , but light and easy and yet feel a deep peace and a sense of refreshment by the energy of the day. I'm grateful to you Nithya for your everflowing love and compassion and to everyone here too. I'm also grateful that I feel so connected to it all.

21:45:54 From Magdalena B : It was sooo short 😂

21:46:07 From Sunaina Vahi : grateful for the powerful meditations and the last 2 readings which resonated with my residency experience of numbing grief

21:46:42 From Chandrama Guru : i am greatful for your teaching me love and compassion.

21:48:16 From Grishan Sivakumaran : Grateful for the opportunity to connect with Nithiya And all that have joined. It was a Heart to heart connection

22:01:23 From Anu chadha : can i have these words please nitya , as they are different from what is on google. 

22:03:46 From Anu chadha : thank you

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