Session #1: 16th Jan'21/ 5am- 8:20 am

05:31:25 From Anamika Roy : Toda I dedicate to kindness

05:31:39 From Shriram Krishnamachari : peace

05:31:44 From Bhooma Chutani : Today I understand the meaning of being present

05:31:44 From Saumya A : Today I experience undiluted gratitude.

05:31:55 From Dee S : today I experience loving acceptance of all beings especially my in laws

05:31:59 From Renuka Taneja : today is a beautiful day of gratitude and love

05:32:08 From Radhika Mansata : Today I dedicate to being aware

05:32:17 From Sunaina Vahi : today I keep returning to presence

05:32:19 From Shriram Krishnamachari : today I experience a peaceful being

05:32:22 From Tapaswini Mohanty : today i dedicate me to gratitude and love

05:32:25 From Preethi Balan : Today I let go completely

05:32:29 From Nidhi Suri : Today I devote myself to be complaint free and in gratitude.

05:32:37 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : today i focus on presence, awareness

05:32:56 From Chandrama Guru : today i dedicate gratitude and get freedom

05:32:57 From Lalitha Suhasini : Today, I experience loving kindness

05:32:58 From Meeta Bagwe : Today I experience undiluted gratitude

05:33:06 From Rupal Shankar : I wish to experience love and gratitude

05:33:08 From Bhavna Pani : today I experience undiluted gratitude

05:33:08 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : today I experience undiluted presence of all asended masters

05:33:32 From Smita Meher : diving into silence

05:34:06 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : undiluted surrender in awareness and this today continues to be so in all todays

05:34:06 From Madhumati Raju : today I experience loving kindness for myself

05:34:11 From Lalitha Suhasini : 🤣

05:34:34 From Shivika Mansata : today I flow

05:36:34 From Bhooma Chutani : 1. I am spectacularly grateful for the life I have

05:36:41 From Saumya A : 2. I am infinitely grateful for every one.

05:36:41 From Bhavna Pani : 2.I'm eternally grateful for my teachers

05:36:47 From Anamika Roy : 4. I am infinitely grateful for abundance

05:36:49 From Rupal Shankar : 5. I. Am grateful for the community I have.

05:36:56 From Magdalena B : 6. I am infinitely grateful for my parents

05:36:59 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : 7i am extremely grateful for this sangh

05:37:08 From Preethi Balan : 8 I am incredibly grateful for my family

05:37:10 From Dee S : I am divinely grateful for my marriage

05:37:12 From Meeta Bagwe : 8. I am eternally grateful for my blessings

05:37:20 From Dee S : 10

05:37:24 From Dee S : üôèüèΩ

05:37:25 From Hemant Maru : I'm grateful for my all friends and family members

05:37:29 From Bhooma Chutani : 12. I am passionately grateful for the weather today

05:37:30 From Bhavna Pani : 10. I'm boundlessly greateful for my healthy body

05:37:33 From Sunaina Vahi : I am unexplainably grateful for my life

05:37:38 From Radhika Mansata : 13I am deeply grateful for my life

05:37:40 From Heera Rupani : I'm exceptionally grateful for my patience and forgiveness

05:37:41 From Ravi Trivedi : 13. I am always grateful for my parents

05:37:44 From Renuka Taneja : 12I am most grateful for every min of being together

05:37:46 From Tapaswini Mohanty : 13.i am extremely grateful to universe

05:37:46 From Magdalena B : 11. I am eternally grateful for my teachers

05:37:49 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : I AM SPEECHLESSLY GRATEFUL FOR NITHYA‚ÄùS PRESENCE IN MY LIFE 14

05:37:55 From Smita Meher : I am profoundly grateful for my c

05:37:57 From Madhumati Raju : I am endlessly grateful for my family

05:38:04 From Chandrama Guru : i am extremely grateful for getting love and a great life

05:38:05 From Anamika Roy : 17. I am abundantly gratefully for my adversaties

05:38:07 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : 15am divinly grateful for lovely life

05:38:15 From Nidhi Suri : 19.I am lovingly grateful for a loving daughter.

05:38:24 From Dee S : 20.I am positively grateful for our family

05:38:28 From Magdalena B : 21. I am profoundly grateful for life

05:38:32 From Preethi Balan : 22 I am super grateful for all my experiences

05:38:43 From Shriram Krishnamachari : 24 I am greatefull for my family , friends and teachers.

05:38:47 From Lalitha Suhasini : 21. I am completely grateful for all my blessings

05:38:53 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : 23 i am deeply grateful for this life

05:38:55 From Meeta Bagwe : I am ceaselessly grateful for all my challenges

05:39:00 From Saumya A : 26 I am supremely grateful that we are perfect as we are

05:39:06 From Preethi Balan : 27I am deeply grateful for all the resources

05:39:06 From Dee S : 27/I am supremely grateful for amazing opportunities


05:39:10 From Magdalena B : 28. I am infinitely grateful for all the blessings that are about to come into my life

05:39:14 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : 28

05:39:24 From Bhavna Pani : 30. I'm surprisingly greatful for the pandemic

05:39:31 From Ravi Trivedi : 31. I am faithfully grateful for all the gurus & beings that guide me.

05:39:35 From Bhooma Chutani : 32. I am endlessly grateful for all the opportunities in my life

05:39:45 From Madhumati Raju : 33. I am boundlessly grateful for all the lessons I have learnt in my life

05:39:45 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : 33 immensely grateful to know about all asended masters

05:39:50 From Chandrama Guru : 49 . i am extremely greatful for blessings of god

05:39:52 From Rupal Shankar : 32 I am infinitely grateful for the time I have had with my family this past year

05:39:54 From Smita Meher : I am profoundly grateful for my culinary skills üôè

05:40:03 From Shivika Mansata : 33. I am blindly grateful to for all my different experiences

05:40:07 From Heera Rupani : I'm surprisingly grateful for the abundance in my life

05:40:10 From Dee S : 34- I am forever grateful for good health and positive inspiration

05:40:12 From Renuka Taneja : 34 am grateful for every min for my life even the pain and all the good

05:40:17 From Lalitha Suhasini : I am happily grateful for your teachings Nithya 36


05:40:19 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : 35 i am so grateful for this day

05:40:26 From Magdalena B : 36. I am awesomely grateful for all my challenges

05:40:38 From Bhooma Chutani : 37. I am joyfully grateful for the laughter of my children

05:40:47 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : 38.infinitely grateful for blessings yet to receive from universe

05:40:54 From Magdalena B : 39. I am endlessly grateful for this Sangha ❤️

05:41:04 From Dee S : 40. I am blissfully grateful for great teachers and gurus

05:41:14 From Rupal Shankar : 45 I am immensely grateful to God for giving me an optimistic/positive disposition.

05:41:17 From Chandrama Guru : 3.i am grateful for my children

05:41:21 From Heera Rupani : I'm richly grateful to be always be loved and accepted

05:41:22 From padmajaa Iyer : 40 i am hratefully grateful for the angels in my life

05:41:24 From Shriram Krishnamachari : 43 I am grateful for all those who challenge me.

05:41:27 From padmajaa Iyer : gratefully

05:41:27 From Nithya Shanti : 44. Ticklishly grateful for God’s sens eof humor

05:41:29 From Saumya A : 44 I am deeply grateful for all the beings of love and light that keep us company through it all


05:41:35 From Magdalena B : 45. I am profoundly grateful for my brother

05:41:46 From Preethi Balan : 46 I am wholeheartedly grateful for the constant support

05:42:02 From Tapaswini Mohanty : 47.i am extremely grateful to god to give me a chance to join u🙏

05:42:07 From Anamika Roy : 48. I am profusely grateful for the objects in my home

05:42:12 From Dee S : 47 I am deeply grateful for my learnings

05:42:12 From Bhavna Pani : 49.. I'm undoubtedly grateful for all that didn't go my way

05:42:13 From Smita Meher : 41 extremely grateful for Intensity

05:42:22 From Chandrama Guru : 4 . i am greatful for ideal parents

05:42:29 From Heera Rupani : I'm joyfully grateful for today's session

05:42:30 From Nithya Shanti : 50. I am perfectly grateful for my imperfections

05:42:38 From Sunaina Vahi : 49 I am profusely grateful for my gurus and teachers


05:42:49 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : 50. amazingly grateful how I receive all wonderful teachings 

05:42:51 From Dee S : 50 I am happily grateful for our home and the peace in our home

05:42:56 From Magdalena B : 50. I am endlessly grateful for Nature

05:42:57 From Meeta Bagwe : 51. I am wondrously grateful for all the guidance I receive

05:42:57 From Bhooma Chutani : 51. I am incredibly grateful for the silence this morning

05:42:58 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : 51

05:42:59 From Rupal Shankar : 52. I am extremely grateful that I have a easy and uncomplicated life.

05:43:02 From Heera Rupani : I'm grateful for the loving children

05:43:18 From Magdalena B : 53. I am deeply grateful for my family

05:43:21 From Lalitha Suhasini : 54. I am intensely grateful for my cat, Chips

05:43:21 From Shriram Krishnamachari : 54 I am so so grateful for this life.

05:43:27 From Renuka Taneja : 53 ) am so grateful for every experience

05:43:29 From Sunaina Vahi : I am blessedly grateful to participate in today’s session

05:43:30 From Chandrama Guru : 5. i am greatful for a devotional environments

05:43:37 From Dee S : 55- I am woofily grateful for our cute and loving dog

05:43:38 From Ravi Trivedi : 56. I am heavily grateful to the resources that life has given me.

05:43:38 From Saumya A : I am terrifically grateful for the sweetness of breathing

05:43:44 From Preethi Balan : 57 I am joyously grateful for all my plants

05:43:47 From Renuka Taneja : grateful I got up for today’s session

05:43:50 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : 55 i am very grateful to myself

05:43:54 From Heera Rupani : Im grateful for the loving friends I have

05:43:56 From Bhavna Pani : 60. I'm bountifully grateful for the Sun in the sky

05:44:08 From Magdalena B : 61. I am profoundly grateful for Chips the cat and Champion the cat :)

05:44:22 From Chandrama Guru : 6 . i am greatful for the comfort that i got

05:44:36 From Dee S : 62 I am crazily grateful for an amazing and kind hearted husband

05:44:36 From Smita Meher : 56 l am unspeakably grateful for my family

05:44:40 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : divinely grateful to live for living today as monk

05:44:41 From Tapaswini Mohanty : i am very very grateful for having my parents,and everything in my life

05:44:47 From Heera Rupani : I'm lovingly grateful for all the love I receive from my family

05:44:53 From Preethi Balan : 57 I am jolly grateful for all the smiles around


05:45:13 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : LEVEL

05:45:24 From Bhavna Pani : 68. I'm humbly grateful to my house that gives me peace and protection

05:45:26 From Heera Rupani : I'm grateful for all the support I receive from the universe

05:45:36 From Lalitha Suhasini : I 69. I am truly grateful for being one with the universe

05:45:36 From Shivika Mansata : 65. I am grateful in my phones for my ancestors and what they have passed down to me

05:45:38 From Dee S : 69 I am particularly grateful for great education and job

05:45:43 From Tapaswini Mohanty : 59.i am really grateful to odds of my life

05:45:46 From Shriram Krishnamachari : 70 I am so gratefull for all your teachings Nithya.

05:45:47 From Nithya Shanti : 69. Magnificently grateful to zoom

05:45:49 From Heera Rupani : I'm grateful that I'm always successful in my endeavours

05:45:53 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : amazingly grateful for a wonderful understanding life partner

05:45:56 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : 72 grateful grateful grateful for my sister

05:46:05 From Rupal Shankar : 71 I am especially grateful for my strength and optimism.

05:46:09 From Magdalena B : 71. I am infinitely grateful for great books

05:46:11 From Chandrama Guru : 7. i am greatful for the help of friends and neighbours

05:46:11 From Radhika Mansata : I am completely grateful for the people in my life

05:46:15 From Ravi Trivedi : 73. I am simply grateful that we all have good internet connection

05:46:18 From Shivika Mansata : haha yes!

05:46:19 From Madhumati Raju : 74 . I am super grateful for being here now

05:46:26 From Shivika Mansata : bones*

05:46:30 From Shivika Mansata : :)

05:46:37 From Shriram Krishnamachari : 75 I am so grateful for being just me.

05:46:44 From Nidhi Suri : 76. I am profoundly grateful to Padmajaa for sharing the link yesterday.

05:46:46 From Renuka Taneja : 58) I am grateful for the lovely trees around ‘. the nature around us and the beautiful birds we got to see which we have not seen earlier

05:46:52 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : grateful for every single luxury I receive

05:46:59 From Heera Rupani : Im grateful for this opportunity this morning

05:47:03 From Tapaswini Mohanty : 74.i am grateful to god for every opportunity to improve myself

05:47:04 From Meeta Bagwe : 77. I am incredible grateful for the presence of my parents in my life

05:47:09 From Dee S : 77 I am technically grateful for the technology that makes life easy

05:47:14 From Saumya A : I am joyfully grateful for second chances

05:47:21 From Bhooma Chutani : 78. I am lovingly grateful for the kindness I sometimes show to myself

05:47:23 From padmajaa Iyer : i am grateful for my mom who gave birth to me

05:47:24 From Preethi Balan : 79 I am divinely grateful for all healthcare workers 

05:47:28 From Heera Rupani : I'm grateful for all the guidance in my life

05:47:36 From Rupal Shankar : 80. I am specially grateful for my brother.

05:47:36 From padmajaa Iyer : i am grateful for my challenges

05:47:39 From Dee S : 81 I am cheekily grateful for sense of humor

05:47:49 From Shriram Krishnamachari : 83 I am grateful for this universe.

05:47:56 From Radhika Mansata : im grateful for the

05:48:03 From Radhika Mansata : Love

05:48:07 From padmajaa Iyer : i am grateful for the abundant love i receive from all around

05:48:08 From Chandrama Guru : 8. i am greatful for the spituality path

05:48:11 From Renuka Taneja : grateful for having learnt zoom ,that has been the biggest support to all of us

05:48:12 From Radhika Mansata : in my life

05:48:14 From Lalitha Suhasini : 85. I am fully grateful for all music

05:48:18 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : 82..deeply grateful to dear Nithya for all his sessions

05:48:23 From Nithya Shanti : 86. I naughtily grateful for all things naughty

05:48:25 From Bhooma Chutani : 87.I’m divinely grateful for the awesome day we’re going to have

05:48:26 From Bhavna Pani : 86. I'm cheerfully grateful for my Yoga practice discipline

05:48:31 From Ravi Trivedi : 89. I am grateful for all those who are not adding a number in chat, so we can be even more grateful

05:48:33 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : 89 vastly grateful for presence

05:48:34 From Heera Rupani : I'm grateful for my good health

05:48:43 From Chandrama Guru : 9 i am greatful for getting spiritual teachers

05:48:47 From Sunaina Vahi : 87 I am joyously grateful for friends and Family

05:48:48 From Magdalena B : 88. I am endlessly grateful for divine grace

05:48:51 From padmajaa Iyer : i am grateful for my healthy body

05:48:55 From Dee S : 90 I am gratefully grateful for Nithya’s easy and accessible teachings

05:48:59 From Nidhi Suri : 93.Iam devotedly grateful for all gurus and divine grace.

05:49:01 From padmajaa Iyer : iam graetful for loving children

05:49:08 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : 9 5 so grateful for my good health

05:49:11 From Nithya Shanti : (1. I am numerological grateful that we can all count - kind of

05:49:16 From Heera Rupani : I'm grateful for the divine presence of all my wonderful teachers

05:49:20 From Tapaswini Mohanty : 96i am truely grateful god for leading me towards a spiritual life

05:49:34 From Shriram Krishnamachari : 95 I am so grateful for such wonderful parents

05:49:35 From Dee S : 98 I am truly grateful for harmony in my home and married life

05:49:43 From Preethi Balan : 99 I am pleasantly grateful for anything beautiful to happen today

05:49:43 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : am awesomely grateful for always having new version of me

05:49:55 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : I AM SOOOOOO GRATEFUL FOR RULE NO6101

05:50:01 From Sunaina Vahi : 97 I am amazingly grateful for the fun I’m having with this Excercise

05:50:02 From Magdalena B : 100. I am infinitely grateful for peace on Earth

05:50:06 From Heera Rupani : I'm grateful for all your love and support

05:50:24 From Chandrama Guru : 10 i am deeply greatful for the freedom .

07:09:46 From padmajaa Iyer : I would say.. hold on tight.. you are going through an upgrade

07:13:26 From Anu chadha : pl.explain how to question hurtful thoughts 

07:23:28 From Anu chadha : so if u have gratitude , for a challenge u will experienve it fully, how u would explain that 

07:30:03 From Jaishree Kannan : beautiful , the way you explained Gratitude Nithya

07:39:08 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : THAT WAS POWERFUL

07:39:37 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : I AM UPSET …….BECAUSE I SEEE SOMETHING WHICH IS NOT THERE

07:40:00 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : REALISED THAT LAYER OF COULD WOULD AND SHOULD TO THAT

07:40:50 From Bhooma Chutani : My husband moving my things around upsets me

07:40:57 From Rupal Shankar : I am sad I cannot visit my mother as often as I would like.

07:40:59 From Shriram Krishnamachari : when sometimes things don’t go my way.

07:41:06 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : am upset with people judging me


07:41:15 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : WAY

07:41:15 From Dee S : difference of opinion and fights with my life partner upsets me and him , we find sometimes at opposite directions despite deep love in our heart

07:41:18 From Arjun Nath : My mostly inaccurate neural drama upsets me . I am learning to transcend it .

07:41:19 From Jaishree Kannan : I am upset with my disorganised mind

07:41:30 From Ravi Trivedi : I am disappointed with me, when I cant follow a discipline

07:41:32 From Bhavna Pani : I'm upset with my insatiable need for justice or lack of accountability in people

07:41:36 From Chandrama Guru : i am upset because of criticise of mother in law

07:41:38 From Nidhi Suri : I am upset with my own judgements about my husband.

07:41:39 From Lalitha Suhasini : I am frustrated at not being able to work out because of no reason üò∂

07:41:52 From Tejaswini RC Mohile : am upset when I can't meet people expectations

07:41:54 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : i cant meditate as well as I used to - physically

07:41:58 From Ravi Trivedi : I am sad, when I judge other people

07:42:05 From Anu chadha : i am upset with worrying abou my chidren 

07:42:15 From Sunaina Vahi : I am upset with eating dessert daily .

07:43:35 From Renuka Taneja : I get hurt at times on a small issue which actually I realise is my doing

07:48:14 From Lalitha Suhasini : My husband does that as well. and also nags me, but I just thank him and move on and sometimes put things away myself

08:02:13 From Anu chadha : i am upset with my son inlaw for making bad financial decisions and not taking reqd action so most responsiility falls on my daughter which is ,stressing her out 


08:04:12 From Lalitha Suhasini : Bob Dylan is off key so often when he sings!

08:05:10 From Lalitha Suhasini : I love the work Shruti does! she is fantastic especially in showcasing womxn artists! she is amazing

08:05:15 From padmajaa Iyer : i am so off tune in all the songs i have recorded.. :P

08:05:41 From padmajaa Iyer : kailash kher

08:13:23 From Shriram Krishnamachari : loved this chat Nithya.

08:17:12 From Radhika Mansata : beautiful

08:17:16 From Lalitha Suhasini : So so beautiful! I had goosebumps

08:17:17 From Preethi Balan : so peaceful .. thank you 

08:17:21 From Bhooma Chutani : Beautiful!

08:17:25 From Ravi Trivedi : Beautifully sung

08:17:32 From Brinder Rivi Rebello : lovely

08:17:36 From padmajaa Iyer : so beautiful Teju.. <3

08:17:40 From Meeta Bagwe : Amazing Tejaswini

08:18:22 From Hemant Maru : great and beautiful. Thank God

08:18:38 From Tapaswini Mohanty : so peaceful and Amazing,thank u

08:19:40 From Rupal Shankar : Thank you Tejaswini. You singing for us is such a blessing. So beautiful!! Very grateful to hear your voice.

08:20:04 From Lalitha Suhasini : Thank you Tejaswini.

08:20:53 From Saumya A : That is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you Tejaswini and Nithya

08:21:03 From Pinky poornalokiya Raniwala : CAN I CHANT ONE LINE

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