Awake Evening Batch Day 7 # Ascension Games

20:06:12 From Madhu Sundaram : less anxious

20:06:18 From Rajiv Bharadwaj : Became aware of my pattern of Resisting and started overcoming the same ...

20:06:19 From Zarine Ninan : consciously making better stories about my own life

20:06:20 From Saraswathy : upset has reduced

20:06:23 From Rinku Paul : Reduced anxiety

20:06:24 From var sha : Whatever is happening around me(chaos) is for my benefit

20:06:24 From Sheila Mathilakath : I find it easier to be still

20:06:26 From Rohit Balakshe : try to be present as frequent as I can remember

20:06:27 From Rasika Morajkar : Feeling more calm

20:06:28 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : more aware

20:06:29 From Shailja Patwari : a sense of calm

20:06:30 From Saraswathy : I AM OK 😇

20:06:31 From Madhu Sundaram : Using cancel

20:06:35 From Saravanan R : less Shenpa

20:06:41 From Nupur Bedi : slowed down. more aware of my presence

20:06:45 From R Sha : anxiety reduced

20:06:51 From Rahul Kulkarni : started in being present

20:06:51 From Meeta Bagwe : Diong things from happiness rather than for happiness

20:06:59 From Magdalena B : I started doing and creating more of what I love, and doing things more in harmony with my heart

20:06:59 From Madhu Sundaram : not complaining ....trying😄

20:07:03 From Dr. Mona Gujral : there was some anxiousness coming up.....that seems to have subsided

20:07:16 From Suman Vijay : yes more conscious of what s happening inside out

20:07:18 From Sumbul Alladin : staying more in the present moment

20:07:26 From Meeta Bagwe : what can I bring to this than what can I get from this

20:07:36 From Madhu Sundaram : handled this week's challenge from a better ,calmer perspective

20:07:52 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : I am able to maintain equipoise in the midst of so many Corporate challenges.Thanks a lot to Mahasathi practices as well.Cheers

20:07:54 From Aashima Agarwal : I get Back to negative things and then say cancel and also fighting with reality , it had to happen , let’s think future and I use to say thank you to god before sleeping and waking up for lot of things and now I say it more often

20:08:11 From Aseem Dubey : anxiety and fears have almost gone .feeling empowered..more acceptance..

20:08:37 From maddy upadhyay : reinforcing gratitude

20:08:52 From Yasha Sirohi : feeling more aware

20:09:01 From Madhu Sundaram : Speaking up and with clarity,gratitude practice more

20:09:16 From var sha : Realising my mind wanders and how!!!

20:09:19 From maddy upadhyay : trying to feel the feeling in the moment leaves me with greater access to myself

20:09:30 From Meeta Bagwe : the quality of my life is the quality of my presence and the quality of the stories I tell

20:09:45 From Madhu Sundaram : u hv given me many answers 🙏

20:09:49 From Aashima Agarwal : lovely

20:09:56 From Sapna Ahuja : I immediately come to know that I have made a mistake,like being annoyed with some.

20:10:12 From Zarine Ninan : 4 levels of consciousness... I often thought that being empowered was enough, I now understand the difference between empowerment and surrender and then being awake

20:10:18 From Ranjini Nair : Feeling grateful in a deeper way🙏

20:11:20 From Aseem Dubey : would like to share one Hindi quote ' Jab mann ka ho toh accha aur jab mann ka na ho toh aur bhi accha kyunki tab bhagwan ke mann ka hota hain aur bhagwan aapka bhala chahta hain'

20:11:56 From Sahana Tambat : Equilibrium...!!!!!!!

20:12:07 From Sahana Tambat : sounds like equilibrium

20:13:59 From Rohit Balakshe : today 3 things I expected didn't happen .but I m still fine .not disturbed much. I used to be anxious before

20:14:56 From var sha : I went at 17 toooo!!! But my Dad went with me!

20:15:37 From Madhu Sundaram : beautiful....stick with it

20:18:43 From Magdalena B To Nithya Shanti(privately) : I remember the story and love how you tell it, but don’t remember if you said in this course

20:22:31 From Pragati Negi Noronha : Awesome! How wonderful!

20:23:01 From var sha : Capacity to change

20:23:13 From Yasha Sirohi : Good listener

20:23:15 From Aayush : very caring

20:23:15 From Nupur Bedi : good heart

20:23:16 From Madhu Sundaram : Great empath

20:23:16 From Ale Vazquez : my capacity to work with others

20:23:18 From maddy upadhyay : I feel a sense of connectedness to everything

20:23:18 From Saraswathy : ever learning

20:23:19 From Meeta Bagwe : Resilience

20:23:22 From var sha : Finding joy in small things

20:23:22 From Sumbul Alladin : kindness

20:23:23 From Rupal Shankar : I have an strong ability to forgive

20:23:24 From Ale Vazquez : my capacity to listen

20:23:26 From Sahana Tambat : Vaaary patient ....!!!!

20:23:26 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Appreciate small things

20:23:29 From Aashima Agarwal : kind

20:23:29 From Kashish Punjabi : curious about everything

20:23:30 From Meeta Bagwe : sense of humour

20:23:31 From Ale Vazquez : to take care of others

20:23:31 From Madhu Sundaram : Hardworking

20:23:32 From Gayatri Shah : resiliance

20:23:34 From Magdalena B : Adapt very easy resilience

20:23:35 From Aseem Dubey : have great impatience

20:23:35 From Harpreet M : my gracefullness

20:23:36 From Suman Vijay : sincerely thank full to all

20:23:37 From Ambika Kumar : My sincerity

20:23:37 From Sheila Mathilakath : I have a great sense of humor

20:23:38 From Saravanan R : Compassion

20:23:38 From Aashima Agarwal : I get happy with small things

20:23:38 From Magdalena B : big heart

20:23:41 From Sumbul Alladin : good cook

20:23:43 From var sha : Can sleep anywhere

20:23:44 From R Sha : sincerity

20:23:45 From Nupur Bedi : good mom

20:23:45 From Ale Vazquez : my strengh

20:23:46 From Sapna Ahuja : caring,compassion

20:23:46 From Rasika Morajkar : caring

20:23:46 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : I am Resilient.

20:23:46 From Madhu Sundaram : Interested in everything

20:23:46 From Meeta Bagwe : ability to laugh at myself

20:23:47 From Magdalena B : Carrying deeply for all

20:23:47 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : sensitive

20:23:47 From Sheila Mathilakath : Learn a lot

20:23:48 From Aashima Agarwal : I like communicating

20:23:50 From Rohit Balakshe : awesome Communicator

20:23:51 From Ale Vazquez : my loyalty

20:23:51 From Damayanti Suryawanshi : loyal

20:23:52 From Ambika Kumar : I am kind

20:23:53 From Sumbul Alladin : helping people

20:23:53 From Sheila Mathilakath : grateful all the time

20:23:56 From Nupur Bedi : good friend

20:23:58 From Dr. Mona Gujral : compassion

20:23:58 From Madhu Sundaram : Read varied stuff

20:23:59 From Pragati Negi Noronha : Collaborative and Encouraging

20:23:59 From Sumbul Alladin : grateful

20:24:00 From maddy upadhyay : i m in love with nature

20:24:00 From Sahana Tambat : love to be around kids

20:24:01 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : childlike spontaneity

20:24:02 From Kashish Punjabi : appreciative

20:24:04 From Aashima Agarwal : I am caring

20:24:08 From Meeta Bagwe : always ready to learn

20:24:08 From R Sha : feel happy with people

20:24:10 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : adapting

20:24:11 From Saraswathy : I don't lose hope

20:24:14 From Sumbul Alladin : courageous

20:24:14 From Ale Vazquez : my continuos hope

20:24:14 From var sha : My faith in the Universe

20:24:15 From maddy upadhyay : enthusiasm 

20:24:18 From Sheila Mathilakath : focus on the silver linings

20:24:18 From Aashima Agarwal : I am not very choosy

20:24:19 From Shailja Patwari : caring

20:24:19 From Aseem Dubey : audacious

20:24:20 From Meeta Bagwe : the way I dress

20:24:20 From Sheetal Ahuja : effective communication skills

20:24:21 From Sahana Tambat : cook nice kanda poha

20:24:22 From R Sha : creative

20:24:23 From Suman Vijay : greeting with hearty wishes

20:24:23 From Rupal Shankar : I have deep empathy for others

20:24:23 From Aseem Dubey : happy

20:24:24 From var sha : Sense of loyalty

20:24:24 From Zarine Ninan : I am funny, I am capable, I am a seeker, I love to learn, I love having fun, I love experiment with new things, I love good food, I care for my folks

20:24:25 From Sheila Mathilakath : capacity to forgive

20:24:26 From Magdalena B : learn fast

20:24:30 From Saraswathy : Being

20:24:33 From Gayatri Shah : silence

20:24:33 From Meeta Bagwe : my way tof communicate

20:24:34 From Sheila Mathilakath : am in the present... thats awesome

20:24:34 From maddy upadhyay : play 

20:24:35 From var sha : Joy of learning

20:24:35 From Rupal Shankar : That I have the time to do this course

20:24:37 From Ambika Kumar : comfort

20:24:37 From Aashima Agarwal : I am listening all positive things

20:24:38 From Damayanti Suryawanshi : I am here

20:24:38 From Kashish Punjabi : attending this course

20:24:38 From Ale Vazquez : attend this course

20:24:39 From Saravanan R : being with Nithya

20:24:39 From Dr. Mona Gujral : calmness

20:24:39 From Nupur Bedi : am here

20:24:40 From Rohit Balakshe : I m discussing what is awesome about me

20:24:40 From Sahana Tambat : able to attend this class

20:24:41 From Vijeta Sahay : this moment is precious

20:24:43 From Magdalena B : Connection and together sharing

20:24:43 From Rasika Morajkar : learning / awareness

20:24:43 From Zarine Ninan : that we are all here

20:24:44 From Shailja Patwari : the fact that i am attending this

20:24:45 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : precious and calmness

20:24:47 From Gayatri Shah : clarity

20:24:48 From maddy upadhyay : with my friend

20:24:48 From Sumbul Alladin : enjoying the game

20:24:49 From R Sha : we are able to think awesome

20:24:51 From Ale Vazquez : health

20:24:52 From Ranjini Nair : Connecting with myself is awesome

20:24:54 From Sheila Mathilakath : the stories are awesome

20:24:54 From var sha : Hearing you

20:24:56 From Pragati Negi Noronha : Curious n Anxious!

20:24:56 From Dr. Mona Gujral : being in present

20:24:57 From Meeta Bagwe : ia knowingness that something major is shifting for me in this hour

20:24:57 From Madhu Sundaram : Am sitting in a hotel room doing this son at my side ...

20:24:59 From Suman Vijay : feeling enlighten in myself

20:25:03 From var sha : The vibe

20:25:04 From Aashima Agarwal : I am getting to spend some time alone

20:25:05 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : This opportunity is awesome

20:25:07 From maddy upadhyay : we all want to develop ourselves

20:25:08 From Saraswathy : connect

20:25:10 From Sheila Mathilakath : the eagerness to learn

20:25:11 From Rupal Shankar : The learning is awesome

20:25:11 From Aseem Dubey : non-judgmental

20:25:11 From Sumbul Alladin : learning

20:25:13 From Ale Vazquez : Nithya's love

20:25:13 From Sahana Tambat : we all on the same journey

20:25:15 From Ambika Kumar : energy

20:25:15 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Very understanding

20:25:15 From Sumbul Alladin : growing

20:25:15 From Madhu Sundaram : Everyone is so honest in their search

20:25:16 From Harpreet M : oneness

20:25:16 From Rohit Balakshe : LEARNING TO BE AWESOME

20:25:18 From Saravanan R : the energy of the group

20:25:19 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : I am aware , joyous

20:25:20 From Gayatri Shah : learning

20:25:20 From Nupur Bedi : connectedness

20:25:21 From Meeta Bagwe : our sangha consciousness of love

20:25:23 From Sumbul Alladin : your wisdom

20:25:24 From maddy upadhyay : its me time

20:25:25 From Ale Vazquez : your capacity and your laugh

20:25:26 From Suman Vijay : the energies of oneness

20:25:27 From var sha : The collective love and energy

20:25:29 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : satsang is always awesome

20:25:31 From Pragati Negi Noronha : Shared learning..

20:25:32 From Saraswathy : Yes... Nithya is. not Mithya. 😇

20:25:33 From Zarine Ninan : we r all here to learn and partake in something special

20:25:33 From Kashish Punjabi : listening to and loving honest sharing a

20:25:34 From Vijeta Sahay : we met an amazing Guru

20:25:34 From Dr. Mona Gujral : single minded focus to improve

20:25:35 From Aseem Dubey : helpful

20:25:36 From Madhu Sundaram : your laughter

20:25:38 From Ale Vazquez : the sangha with beautiful people

20:25:38 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : Sharing vulnerability without fear

20:25:39 From Aashima Agarwal : everyone is listening attentively and like the way you laugh with stories

20:25:40 From Meeta Bagwe : your generosity in sharing

20:25:44 From Aseem Dubey : less polluted

20:25:44 From Sahana Tambat : opened my clinic

20:25:45 From Ambika Kumar : Self reflection

20:25:46 From Damayanti Suryawanshi : corona

20:25:46 From Madhu Sundaram : your compassion

20:25:47 From Sheila Mathilakath : my online sessions took off

20:25:47 From Nupur Bedi : slowed me down

20:25:47 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : Nitya is awesome

20:25:47 From Zarine Ninan : 2020 got the family together

20:25:47 From Rohit Balakshe : learnt biz online

20:25:48 From R Sha : connect with family closely

20:25:48 From Ale Vazquez : being connected in a different way

20:25:53 From Rupal Shankar : Family time

20:25:54 From Kashish Punjabi : made me realise my capabilities

20:25:55 From Nupur Bedi : home food

20:25:55 From Pragati Negi Noronha : Family bonding

20:25:56 From maddy upadhyay : highlighted whats really matter in life

20:25:57 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : learnt new things

20:25:57 From Sheila Mathilakath : the environment was beautiful

20:25:57 From Saraswathy : Introspection

20:25:57 From Rasika Morajkar : focusing on family and self

20:25:58 From var sha : Taught me patience and resilence

20:26:00 From Saravanan R : lot of learnings

20:26:00 From Madhu Sundaram : Yr responses to every single q

20:26:01 From Rupal Shankar : Less travel -

20:26:01 From Meeta Bagwe : i began my paid practise

20:26:02 From Aseem Dubey : quality time with family

20:26:05 From Suman Vijay : self evaluation

20:26:05 From Zarine Ninan : we pushed our limits

20:26:06 From Aashima Agarwal : I was able to be with family and got back to old passion of cooking

20:26:06 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : 2020 gave me Time to go inward and reflect

20:26:07 From Rinku Paul : learnt new skills

20:26:07 From Magdalena B : Space to be and reevaluate what is really important

20:26:10 From Rahul Kulkarni : able to learn online which was not possible earlier

20:26:10 From Aseem Dubey : started learning cooking

20:26:10 From Shailja Patwari : learnt to value the small things in life

20:26:11 From Harpreet M : connected into ourself

20:26:12 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Sharpening the saw

20:26:13 From Gayatri Shah : brought clarity to situations

20:26:13 From var sha : Got my health back on track

20:26:14 From Ranjini Nair : Lot of learning which helped me evolve was awesome

20:26:16 From Meeta Bagwe : did a lot of workshops with Nithya

20:26:16 From Sheila Mathilakath : taught me to do housework without grudge

20:26:20 From Madhu Sundaram : Learning abt myself more

20:26:21 From Aashima Agarwal : also my kids learned life is not about running

20:26:22 From Zarine Ninan : time to be still

20:26:22 From Saraswathy : Cleaning our mess... no. maids

20:26:26 From maddy upadhyay : enhanced empathy for all

20:26:30 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : Reducing the mental & social clutter

20:26:34 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar : tough time was awesome

20:26:34 From Aayush : sometimes life hits u in the head with a brick but u shouldn’t lose faith

20:26:37 From Saraswathy : Life itself

20:26:38 From Sheila Mathilakath : i get to learn

20:26:40 From Rohit Balakshe : getting amazing wisdom

20:26:40 From Zarine Ninan : so much to experience

20:26:42 From Kashish Punjabi : love 💕 in my heart

20:26:42 From Ambika Kumar : Passion to evolve

20:26:42 From maddy upadhyay : full of possibilities

20:26:43 From Gayatri Shah : advenure

20:26:44 From Nupur Bedi : look forward

20:26:46 From Saravanan R : the constant support offered by life

20:26:47 From Magdalena B : being alive is awesome

20:26:49 From Nupur Bedi : magic of tomorrow

20:26:50 From var sha : So much wonder to discover and rediscover

20:26:51 From Ranjini Nair : My existence is awesome

20:26:52 From Aashima Agarwal : everything will be nice

20:26:53 From Sumbul Alladin : everything is beautiful, love my life

20:26:53 From Sahana Tambat : I can be a channel to heal

20:26:54 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Exciting and more Blessed moments

20:26:57 From Dr. Mona Gujral : working towards my purpose

20:26:58 From Vijeta Sahay : life is precious

20:26:58 From Pragati Negi Noronha : Growth..

20:26:59 From Suman Vijay : to see myself to accept everything with judgement

20:26:59 From Meeta Bagwe : being amongst the 0.5 percent of th most grateful person on this universe

20:27:00 From Magdalena B : Excited to dance with life in all forms

20:27:01 From Nupur Bedi : blessings

20:27:08 From Rupal Shankar : Nurturing my talents

20:27:12 From Sheila Mathilakath : i can share my gift

20:27:12 From Madhu Sundaram : My life has been abt my choices

20:27:13 From Harpreet M : abundance

20:27:22 From maddy upadhyay : chance to vibrate in ones inner frequency

20:27:58 From Madhu Sundaram To Nithya Shanti(privately) : Every min has been full of wisdom

20:28:21 From var sha To Nithya Shanti(privately) : Your stories and way of teaching is thrilling

20:28:22 From Saraswathy To Nithya Shanti(privately) : you aren't a Mithya 😇🙌🙌🙌

20:28:27 From Sumbul Alladin To Nithya Shanti(privately) : Thank you for all the wisdom :)

20:28:27 From Sumithra Sharatkumar To Nithya Shanti(privately) : You and your teachings are awesome!

20:28:30 From Sheila Mathilakath To Nithya Shanti(privately) : what is awesoem about you is your simplicity

20:28:35 From Aayush To Nithya Shanti(privately) : your ability to laugh so easily is super cool

20:28:44 From Arundhati Rishi Prabhakar To Nithya Shanti(privately) : your wisdom is awasom

20:28:49 From Ale Vazquez To Nithya Shanti(privately) : your laugh ,, it is very nice seeing you laughtfing

20:28:50 From Aashima Agarwal To Nithya Shanti(privately) : love the way you laugh while saying stories

20:28:53 From Sahana Tambat To Nithya Shanti(privately) : Pressing fingers , tapping palm and holding  palms helped me .

20:28:54 From Priyanka Chawla To Nithya Shanti(privately) : ur beer/coconut water glass is awesome

20:29:07 From Sahana Tambat To Nithya Shanti(privately) : prison eg was soooo liberating

20:29:16 From ARUN PADMANABHAN To Nithya Shanti(privately) : Wonderful wisdom.Thanks a lot

20:29:24 From Dr. Mona Gujral To Nithya Shanti(privately) : your humour is awesome

20:32:21 From Aayush : everyone made losses instead of profits.

20:32:34 From nupur bedi : I could meet Brad Pitt :)

20:32:35 From Madhu Sundaram : if..i cd become a child again

20:32:35 From Dr. Mona Gujral : if chocolate grew on trees

20:32:35 From maddy upadhyay : concrete is banned

20:32:37 From Aashima Agarwal : if you can travel anywhere anytime

20:32:40 From var sha : If I could fly to wherever

20:32:40 From Shailja Patwari : wouldn’t it be fun if i could swim like a fish

20:32:43 From Sumbul Alladin : if Santa Claus really existed

20:32:44 From Ale Vazquez : if I have no limits for a retreat 30 days

20:32:56 From Magdalena B : Wouldn’t it be fun to do this in person ?

20:32:57 From Sumbul Alladin : if I could fly like a bird

20:32:58 From Meeta Bagwe : wouldn't it be fun if we all had magic fingers

20:33:00 From Rupal Shankar : Wouldn’t it be fun if I could redo my 2 grade class

20:33:00 From Saraswathy : wouldn't it be fun if there were no borders on earth

20:33:00 From Ambika Kumar : If animals could talk

20:33:03 From ARUN PADMANABHAN To Nithya Shanti(privately) : if everyone meets offline and played cricket in marina beach

20:33:04 From nupur bedi : If we do thsi session in person

20:33:05 From Sheila Mathilakath : wouldnt it be fun if we could travel everywhere without visas

20:33:09 From Renuka Taneja : wouldn’t it be fun if u could just wish something and it becomes reality

20:33:15 From Ale Vazquez : if I can date the man ideal for me

20:33:15 From Rohit Balakshe : If I can Inspire people with everything I do

20:33:15 From Madhu Sundaram : if i was the most bravest woman in the world

20:33:17 From Zarine Ninan : wouldn't it be fun if I could be teleported to anywhere I wanted to be

20:33:19 From Meeta Bagwe : if i could have a conversation with trees and flowers

20:33:26 From maddy upadhyay : GDP definition is scrapped 

20:33:30 From Ale Vazquez : if I can read the thoughts

20:33:33 From Magdalena B : wouldn’t it be fun to go in another safari in africa

20:33:36 From Saraswathy : wouldn't it be fun if I could be a Monk who flies gliders.

20:33:36 From Shailja Patwari : wouldn’t it be fun if everyone stayed in forests

20:33:40 From Sheila Mathilakath : if i could just sit and read and raed

20:33:41 From Sahana Tambat : would be fun if I had iron man suit

20:33:48 From Yasha Sirohi : If I could fly to any dimension

20:33:48 From Ale Vazquez : if i can contact people just thinking of them

20:33:52 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : If I could fly...

20:33:55 From Rasika Morajkar : If I become a magician :-)

20:33:56 From Pragati Negi Noronha : if we are free of religious fanaticism...

20:33:56 From Shailja Patwari : wouldn’t it be fun if i went back to college

20:33:57 From Aashima Agarwal : as a child while travelling I use to feel what if I could press a button and reach anywhere I want in seconds

20:33:57 From Madhu Sundaram : if i cd read all buks and see all movies ever made

20:34:01 From Ranjini Nair : If there is compassion and love in every heart

20:34:05 From Sheila Mathilakath : wouldnt it be fun if i could don my superwoman costume

20:34:09 From Sumbul Alladin : if I could magically manifest whatever I wanted to eat

20:34:12 From Yasha Sirohi : If everyone is more loving towards each other

20:34:15 From Madhu Sundaram : if there is no poverty in the world

20:34:18 From Kashish Punjabi : if everyone had a shut button like Alexa

20:34:24 From Suman Vijay : would nt it be fun if there were no moments of anxiety

20:34:30 From nupur bedi : If I could disappear any time (Miss India)

20:34:33 From maddy upadhyay : i could be kind every moment

20:34:34 From Madhu Sundaram : if we can banish corona rite now

20:34:40 From Magdalena B : Wouldn’t it be fun to play harmonium very well ?

20:34:42 From Rupal Shankar : Wouldn’t it be fun if we could eat alll we wanted and still stay healthy

20:34:44 From Ambika Kumar : If I could fly to where I want

20:34:46 From Aashima Agarwal : wouldn’t it be fun if kids don’t have so many assignments and classes

20:34:48 From Yasha Sirohi : If we could all know how to be in the present moment

20:35:01 From Ambika Kumar : Inspire evryne

20:35:02 From Dr. Mona Gujral : teleport

20:35:04 From Magdalena B : teleport

20:35:04 From Aashima Agarwal : I will not let anyone beg for food

20:35:06 From Sheila Mathilakath : the magical ability to fly

20:35:08 From Pragati Negi Noronha : remove rasicism

20:35:09 From Sumbul Alladin : magical ability to rid India of poverty

20:35:11 From Rohit Balakshe : To Change people's mind

20:35:13 From Saraswathy : wouldn't it be fun if I had the magical ability to connect with no words

20:35:14 From Madhu Sundaram : Ability to reverse all the hurt in the world

20:35:15 From Yasha Sirohi : to fly to anywhere

20:35:16 From Rupal Shankar : Wouldnt it be fun to have the magical ability to eat was much as we wanted and not gain weight and stay heaalthy

20:35:20 From Ranjini Nair : to make everyone smile

20:35:21 From maddy upadhyay : trees could be grown super fast

20:35:22 From Rasika Morajkar : remove sickness

20:35:22 From Sheila Mathilakath : to listen to what people are thinking

20:35:23 From Shailja Patwari : wouldn’t it be fun if i had the magical ability to end covid

20:35:24 From Suman Vijay : magical ability to connect myself with what I want instantly

20:35:25 From var sha : Bring out the best in people

20:35:33 From Kashish Punjabi : magical ability to go n visit our loved ones wherever they r in space

20:35:34 From Meeta Bagwe : to have the magical ability to erase pain

20:35:34 From Saravanan R : wouldn’t it be fun, if i have the magical ability to manifest money

20:35:34 From Sahana Tambat : eliminate plastic

20:35:39 From nupur bedi : not have any street children and educate them all

20:35:41 From Ale Vazquez : having love and bright energy

20:35:42 From R Sha : remove uncertainty

20:35:43 From Zarine Ninan : magical ability to create many forests on barren lands

20:35:45 From Madhu Sundaram : ability to remove pain

20:35:47 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : replace conflict and wars with love and respect

20:35:49 From Aseem Dubey : magical ability to talk in every animals language

20:35:53 From Rupal Shankar : Wouldn’t it be fun if we could rewrite history in our own version

20:35:53 From Ale Vazquez : feel totaly connected with people I love

20:35:53 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : magical ability to celebrate each moment.

20:35:53 From Magdalena B : Ability to build real schools for children

20:35:54 From Sheetal Ahuja : to give all the animals a better quality of life

20:35:57 From Saravanan R : magical ability to travel anywhere- astral

20:35:57 From Aayush : if imagine by John Lennon became a universal anthem

20:35:57 From Madhu Sundaram : ability to travel anywhere

20:36:01 From Pragati Negi Noronha : to be in awareness...

20:36:06 From Madhu Sundaram : ability to not age

20:36:08 From Saraswathy : wouldn't it be fun if I have the magical ability to make a crow sing like a cuckoo

20:40:48 From Rohit Balakshe : freedom

20:41:06 From var sha : Towards light and acceptance

20:41:09 From Sumbul Alladin : living more lightly

20:41:09 From Nandini Mehra : only love

20:41:12 From Madhu Sundaram : Fearless ,guiltless

20:41:14 From Sumbul Alladin : having more fun

20:41:19 From Aayush : stop worrying unnecessarily

20:41:21 From Madhu Sundaram : happy ,smiling

20:41:22 From Saraswathy : Joy

20:41:23 From Rohit Balakshe : appreciating the gifts I got

20:41:25 From Meeta Bagwe : being the purest channel of the j

20:41:27 From Madhu Sundaram : lighter

20:41:27 From Ranjini Nair : Nothing is real

20:41:29 From Zarine Ninan : to love myself and others whole-ly

20:41:29 From Damayanti Suryawanshi : happiness

20:41:30 From Magdalena B : deep presence

20:41:31 From var sha : Freedom from being attached

20:41:31 From Gayatri Shah : joy

20:41:34 From Sumbul Alladin : enjoy every moment

20:41:37 From Rajiv Bharadwaj : Emptiness, Empathy and Happiness

20:41:40 From Saraswathy : How wonderful... 😇

20:41:42 From Magdalena B : Living fully in each moment

20:41:49 From Rohit Balakshe : the shift in my perspective

20:41:51 From Magdalena B : not postponing life

20:41:55 From Meeta Bagwe : being the purest channel of the highest possible blessings

20:42:14 From Pragati Negi Noronha : died to self-doubt, anger, regrets

20:42:15 From Meeta Bagwe : i died to my need to control outcomes

20:42:18 From maddy upadhyay : died to regret, rumination, looking at faults

20:42:18 From Sheila Mathilakath : died to holding on to grudges and anger

20:42:22 From Sumbul Alladin : died to old narrative

20:42:26 From Meeta Bagwe : died to my need to be needed

20:42:27 From Aayush : I died to worry

20:42:27 From Zarine Ninan : I died to expectations of others and from others

20:42:29 From Saraswathy : I died to Anger.. new reality is seeing Wonder

20:42:29 From Kashish Punjabi : I died to closures with ppl whom I have not been able to contact and say sorry

20:42:30 From Ambika Kumar : Died to forgivness, new reality contentment with who and how I am

20:42:32 From Rohit Balakshe : i died to hatred revenge reality forgiveness

20:42:33 From Saravanan R : died to resentment

20:42:33 From Rupal Shankar : I am dying to let go of my serious side - and the new reality I am stepping into is Rule No 6

20:42:42 From Yasha Sirohi : I died to expectations

20:42:43 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Died to past guilts regrets

20:42:45 From Suman Vijay : died to resentment giving infinite gratitude 🙏

20:42:49 From Sheila Mathilakath : died to the feeling of abandonment

20:42:49 From Shailja Patwari : died to worry and anxiousness

20:42:52 From var sha : I died to all emotions attached to this body

20:42:54 From Meeta Bagwe : died to my fear of what if this does not last

20:42:55 From Saravanan R : new reality i am stepping in to is inner freedom

20:42:56 From Renuka Taneja : died to my feeling of being left out

20:43:01 From maddy upadhyay : stepping into reality i live in gratitude and state of wonder ….

20:43:06 From Saraswathy : Died to false pride reality is Content

20:43:06 From Nandini Mehra : died to desire, new reality is only love

20:43:07 From Sheila Mathilakath : New relity is unconditional love

20:43:08 From Ranjini Nair : to all the limitings thoughts.. Gratitude

20:43:16 From Ale Vazquez : i m dying to control

20:43:20 From Yasha Sirohi : New reality wholeness within

20:43:23 From nupur bedi : died to anger, self limiting beliefs

20:43:24 From Aseem Dubey : died to resentment, regret 

new reality is to feel connected with my loved ones

20:43:25 From Sheila Mathilakath : stepping in to the feeling of detached attachemnets

20:43:29 From Ale Vazquez : the new reality is to feel love and peace

20:43:32 From Rajiv Bharadwaj : Died to anger, overthinking and regret ...

20:43:33 From Dr. Mona Gujral : died to reality self love

20:43:39 From Meeta Bagwe : new reality......infinite gratitude......infinite metta

20:43:44 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : New realities celebration Que Sera

20:43:49 From Renuka Taneja : new reality if acceptance

20:44:33 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : I die to resentment and the burden of my unmet needs. My new reality is stepping into my power with love, humility and patience to serve people.

20:58:42 From Aashima Agarwal : it was fun

20:59:06 From var sha : Superb session!!!

21:01:44 From Sahana Tambat : thanks all.. thanks Shuru. thanks sarvanan. thanks ambika

21:02:10 From Ambika Kumar : Thank you all

21:02:14 From Saravanan R : Thank you all

21:02:37 From ARUN PADMANABHAN : Thanks a lot Sumitra ,Aly.Cheers

21:03:43 From Aashima Agarwal To Nithya Shanti(privately) : did my homework. meaning of Aashima - full of hope ( that’s what google baba said )

21:03:52 From Sumithra Sharatkumar : Thank you too, Arun and Aly. May your dreams come true...and may you have an awesome life ahead.

21:03:54 From Nithya Shanti : Ascension

21:05:54 From Saraswathy : Thanks Nupur

21:06:19 From Kashish Punjabi : thank u

21:06:24 From nupur bedi : Thank you