Alignment, Expansion & Flow

Get Untangled From Your Inner Webs & Soar

A 21 day journey with Nithya Shanti where he shares his favorite practices, perspectives and processes that lead to “Alignment, Expansion and Flow”.

This course is designed for energetic clearing, emotional integration, dropping limiting ideas, attuning to brave new possibilities and generally having a massive reboot and reset of our entire mental and emotional “operating system”. The aim is that each of us learn to tune in, trust and be guided by our inner guidance system.
This is a fun course. A joyful course. A practical course. At the same time it is a deeply healing and transformative course.

Your Instructor

Nithya Shanti
Nithya Shanti

Nithya Shanti is a teacher of conscious living. He completed an MBA and worked in the corporate world. He went on to live as a monk for six years in various forest meditation monasteries. He shares his learnings through one on one sessions, retreats and inspiring talks with communities and audiences worldwide.

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