Awake Day # 3: Playing With Awareness

07:29:48 From Devang Kakkad : tatha drishti tatha shrishti. rickshawwala incident. it touched me.

07:29:49 From Shubhangi Managolikar : Subject object Swap

07:29:52 From ashwarya ashiya : Love - To Let Be

07:30:02 From Deepak Gangwani : To let it be

07:30:03 From Saurabhh Singh : Love me the most when I deserve it the least

07:30:04 From Purvesh Raval : the concept of retriever thoughts was powerful 

07:30:07 From Shilpaa Chogle : When I receive you exactly the way you are and not as I expect you to be...Love

07:30:12 From Chander Sharma : Retriever thoughts - the Buddy !

07:30:22 From Ketan Karande : God Sleep in a rock Dreams in a plants stirs in a animal awakens in a human

07:30:29 From Sheila Mathilakath : When you believe no thoughts, you are free

07:30:54 From Sunayana N : There's no enlightened being only enlightened activity

07:30:55 From Ipshita Guha : love someone most when they deserve it the least and TAT..🙏

07:31:03 From Seema Sondhi : obsessive emotional patterns are not me

07:31:03 From Aditi Bhatnagar : I am not my thoughts, the expansion exercise

07:31:13 From Shubhangi Managolikar : TAT

07:31:15 From Devang Kakkad : I missed the full form of GOD

07:31:46 From Ashay : whatever i think about me that is object 

07:32:04 From Hima KM : Thank you Nithya. Beautiful session today.

07:32:22 From Purvesh Raval : I am not in the telegram group.. pls add me

07:32:24 From Sheila Mathilakath : Thank you Nithya...much gratitude

07:32:28 From Ipshita Guha : We can't see ourselves is in us... beautiful! Thankyou Nithya 🙏

07:32:43 From Chander Sharma : Gratitude Nithya !!!!!!